Wholesale Fireworks (Sold by the Case)

At Overstock Central Fireworks we also specialize in offering wholesale fireworks sold by the case. This section is open to the general public with no special account or membership required. Feel free to purchase one package of sparklers and one case of 500 gram cakes,the freedom and flexability is up to you.

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1.75" Premium Purple Fiberglass Mortar Tubes 50ct Case
1.75" Premium Purple Fiberglass Mortar Tubes 50ct Case All premium tubes are 12.5"in length, baseless and plugged, ready to drop into a rack.   DO NOT USE If your shells..

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Wholesale Fireworks 10 Ball Flashing Thunder Roman Candle Case 24/6
10 Shots of color pearls to loud report! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 10 Ball Neon Thunder Roman Candle Case 24/6
10 Shots of neon color pearls to loud report! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 12oz Premium Stick Rockets Case 24/12
12oz Premium Stick Rockets 12pk Assorted colorful rockets that shoot skyward then burst into colorful assorted stars! Size of display varies with size of rocket. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 14" Morning Glory Sparklers Case 360/6
Glorify the darkness using awesome sparklers! At 14" this (non-metal) bamboo stick sparkler has a long duration burn time. 6 per box, enough for everyone! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 2 Minute Rub & Tug Case 3/1
You will soon be caught up in the night life once you light this fuse! See 63 shots of peonies, brocades, willows, strobes, fans and many more professional level effects. Next time you're in the m..

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Wholesale Fireworks 25 Shot Saturn Missile 4-Pack Case 30/4
25 shot Saturn Missile 4-Pack  Item contains 4-25 Shot Missiles also know as Satun Missiles send whistling crackling rockets high into the air. We even have color tail Saturn Missiles. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 3 Minutes Till Dawn Case 3/1
The police have been called and are on the way! You now have 3 minutes counting down as you light the final cake of the night. With a barrage of almost 70 shots of assorted colors, strobing glittering..

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Wholesale Fireworks 36 Shot OMG Happy Case 24/1
36 Shot Happy A long time favorite, 36 shells. Our bright glossy label brings new shelf appeal. 36 Shots - A fantastic performer. This item features zipper fan effects with lots of color and noise. La..

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Wholesale Fireworks 4 Inch Canister Shootin' Shells 12/8 Case
Shootin' Shells by Pyro Packed Fireworks comes packed with 8 - 4" canister shells and 1 fiberglass mortar tube. 1. Color willow with white strobe 2. Red strobe willow with green strobe ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 48 Shot Color Pearl Flower Case 20/4
48 Shot Color Pearl Flower A long time favorite, 48 balls of color. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 5 Inch Fancy Tail Canister Shells Case 6/12
Another professional level effect by Dominator Fireworks! Make your shells stand out from all the rest with fancy tails to massive multi effect breaks! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 50 Second Firestorm 3/1 Case
63 shots total beginning with vertical strobing tipped peonies to strobing tipped color peonies with crackle. Mid way through this cake builds progressively with rapid firing multi-color strobing ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 50 Shot Ammo Box Case 40/1
50 shots of color and crackle ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 6 Inch MAGA Canister Shells Case 3/24
MAGA Shells feature some of the greatest effects on the consumer fireworks market! 6 inch max load canisters are sure to rock the block! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 6 Minute Smoke Case 100/1
Giant can of thick 6 minute billowing white smoke perfect for paintball smoke screen. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 6 Shot Happy Case 144/1
6 color shells bursting high in the air. Don't be fooled by such a small package. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 6" Floral Fountain 4pk Assortment Case 36/4
4 Different Fountains, 4 Different Effects with a Great Value Price! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 8oz Premium Thunder Rocket Assortment 36/12 Case
Premium 8oz Sky Rockets Packaged 36 Packs Containing 12 Rockets 12 assorted colorful rockets that shoot skyward then burst into colorful assorted stars! Size of display varies with size of rocket. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 90 Second Silver Strobe Case 40/5
90 Seconds of pulsing, bright and blinding silver strobe! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks 96 Shot Color Pearl Flower 10/4
96 unique shots of bright and colorful pearls and stars shooting high into the sky. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Air Bomb Single Shot Tube With Assorted Effects #3 72/1 Case
Pre-Loaded Shot With Dominators World Renowned Mega Burst Technology ! This Tube will Provide One of The Loudest, Colorful and Most symmetrical break available to Consumers On the Market Today..

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Wholesale Fireworks Air Defense 100 Shot 12/1 Case
Red and green comets to intense crackle filling the entire sky ! Very loud ! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks All Purple Sky Lantern Case 50/1
Have a gender reveal party and reveal the gender of your baby using all purple sky lanterns ! Or celebrate breast cancer awareness to show your support. Fire retardant hot air balloons. Light ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Amazing 4/1 Case
A truly amazing fountain. White chrysanthemum w/red pearls; spider net w/blue pearl; silver crackling chrysanthemum and white chrysanthemum with green pearls; green plum and red plum, all with an ear ..

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Wholesale Fireworks American Flag Sky Lantern Case 50/1
Patriotic American Flag Sky Lanterns Fire retardant hot air balloons. Light fuel and watch the balloon gracefully lift into sky. Fly's for several minutes.   ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Americas Got Fireworks Case 12/1
And the winner is…OMG Fireworks! 30 Shots - Brocade crown with red tails to golden willow to brocade crown and red plum. Golden willows and red plum to red stars and white strobe with red tails..

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Wholesale Fireworks Anti Gravity Ground Spinners Case 240/6
Anti gravity ground spinners, spins like a jumping jack on steroids! 6 per pack, sure to provide loads of fun! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Armadillo Fountain case 40/1
(A)Red/green/yellow sparkler; (B)Blue/purple/white sparkler; (C)Golden Chrysanthemum; (D) Long crackle. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Armored Eagle 54s Case 8/1
Big breaks in palmtree formation, brocade crown to golden crackling together with whistles and comet tails! Totally awesome for a 200G cake! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Atom Smasher Case 12/1
8 shots - This supercharged item has raising color tails and wild silver torbilllions bursting into color breaks and breaks of loud crackle. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Aurora Polaris Case 8/1
Crackling tail and purple powder crackling bouquet to red, sky blue stars and white strobe; Crackling tail and green powder; Crackling bouquet to purple, sky blue stars and green strobe; Crackling bou..

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Wholesale Fireworks Avenger Missile 6/4 Case
Get ready for take-off and hear the loud flutter from the propellers as it flies high in the sky finishing with a loud report ! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Avenger Of Blood Case 12/1
16 Shots - Color tipped dahlia spiders to crackle, Alternating between color tipped hahlia spiders to crackle with a mixed finale ending. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Baby Dragon Case 12/1
14 Shots - Red tipped chrysanthemums to vibrant flittering white strobes to green tipped chrysanthemums to vibrant flittering white strobes, finishing with a silver spider to crackle finale. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Bad Kitty Case 4/1
Red glitter with palm pistil, green glitter with palm pistil, white glitter with palm pistil, blue peony with palm pistil, Golden palm pistil with the finale featuring the last row of time rain with p..

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Wholesale Fireworks Bang Bang Case 4/1
8 HUGE double break shells of amazing effects! After you shoot this youll be wishing you bought more! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Battle of Colors Case 12/1
An old classic with a throwback label but there is a reason this one has returned! 36 Shots of assorted colors. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Bella's Box Case 4/1
Every now and then OMG Fireworks will show off their softer side. This beautiful 25 shot colorful fan cake features color like you’ve never seen fanning 5 shots of assorted colors, 5 s..

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Wholesale Fireworks Ben Franklinstein case 4/1
23 Shots - Red green wave with crackle chrys, purple yellow wave with crackle chrys, Brocade mine blast sky blue with red strobe white strobe, brocade crown with purple. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Beyond The Stars Assortment Case 48/1
Assorted effects including: white strobes, red with white strobes, green with white strobes, titanium chrysanthemums and much more! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Blaster Shots Case 24/6
Red star, white strobe, green star, white strobe, brocade crown amd white strobe. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Blue Thunder 10 Ball OMG Candle 24/6 Case
Blue Thunder OMG 10 Ball Candles feature blue pearls with a surprise bang! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Bomb Squad Case 12/1
Brocade crown tail to  color peony. Whistling  and crackling, brocade crown tail to white glittering, whistling silver swirling to blue stars and crackling. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Boomer Tank Case 40/12
Boomer Tank The classic toy! Our tanks are top performers and have great graphics. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Braggin Rights Case 4/1
Braggin' Rights 9 Shots of 2" Mega-Burst shells. Same great performance as our 3" shells but in a tighter package. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Breaking News Case 2/1
49 shot Multi-color Crossettes. Fired in a "Z" pattern starting in the center and working out on both sides, this cake fills the sky with color. Each row is a new color. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Burning Man Stick Fountain Case 36/4
Gold and silver showers of sparks featuring green pearls with crackling! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Cemetery Gates 4/1 Case
Welcome to our world where our gatekeepers will keep a close eye on you as we lay you down to sleep. With a duration almost 2 minutes and a 35’ plus wide span reaching heights of 15’ feet ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Change My Mind Case 12/1
Its not like we are trying to convince you that the earth is flat and moon landing was a hoax?! There’s no way of denying this is a badass firework! 22 Shots - Red and green strobing tails to ti..

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Wholesale Fireworks Chillax Case 4/1
Chillax with 24 shots as colorful stars rise high and then float slowly back down to earth in bright colors alternating with huge breaks of brocade, glitter and crackle. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Cinnamon And Sugar Case 4/1
25 shots - Fast paced shots fill the sky with cinnamon and sugar! Golden brown glitter and white strobes and a 5 shot barrage finale. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Civil Unrest Case 12/1
After spreading the OMG-19 Fireworks virus upon the world panic has resulted in Civil Unrest! 16 shots of all golden rising glittering tails to slow falling nishiki willows filling the entire sky lett..

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Wholesale Fireworks Cloak Of Darkness Case 16/1
Under the cloak of darkness lies a force to be reckoned with. Even though he’s not always visible just know he's always watching and waiting. With 10 shots of assorted colors of pu..

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Wholesale Fireworks Cluckers Case 12/1
24 Shots - Red tail to red pearls with white strobe watterfall. Blue tail to brocade crown with blue and green pearls with gold strobes followed with brocade crown with red strobes. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Cobra's Den Case 12/12
Just light and watch as all the twisting night crawlers emerge from the ground ! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Cock Block Case 2/1
Don’t be such a Cock Block, sit down, shut up and put on your seatbelt for this ride...70 high performance money Shots of red stars and white strobe, blue stars and white strobe, purple and gree..

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Wholesale Fireworks Color & Parachute Case 8/1
19 Beautiful parachutes with colorful smoke tails will fill the daytime sky! This is intended for daytime use. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Color Clay Smoke Balls Case 20/12/6
Assorted colors made with clay cases for the best performance. Item contains 20 boxes of 12 packages of 6 Smoke Items ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Color Drone Daytime Smoke Planes Case 48/4
Spins upwards and emits showers of sparks with color and trails of colored smoke! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Color Smoke Fountain Case 30/5
Over 1 minute of heavy vibrant smoke come in 5 different colors Yellow/Blue/Green/Purple/Red ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Colorclasm Case 4/1
Colorclasm is a grown-up 25 Shot kaleidoscope! Volleys of rich, bold color, deep blues, luscious pinks, verdant greens, rich yellows, and ruby reds dance across the sky! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Colorful Sky Case 4/1
Colorful dahlia white strobe mine, burst red coco and white strobe; Green coco with white strobe; Brocade crown and white strobe; Sky blue chrys mine, burst red stars,brocade crown, white strobe and t..

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Wholesale Fireworks Colormania Case 4/1
181 Shot - The name says it all! Colormania is happening tonight. Vivid colorful mines repeating 3 times followed by crackling comets to even more colorful mines with crackle before ending with an ama..

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Wholesale Fireworks Countdown To Extinction Case 12/1
The OMG meteor is heading your way! 16 assorted strobing color breaks with white glitter, all with brilliant white mines. Ending with a 4 shot finale and Epstein didn’t kill himself. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Crackle Balls 16/12/6 Case
Light fuse for a loud crackling,strobe Effect !! Pop Zip and Zing! Item contains 16 Boxes of 12 Bags Containing 6 Crackle Balls. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Crazy Clown Case 4/1
Bloody red, lemon, golden chrysanthemums. Sky blue to orange dahlia, nishiki with green glitter. All shoot in an unstoppable 6 shots at once! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Crazy Cracklers 36/6 Case
Crazy Cracklers 36/6 These are too much fun as they last over 3 minutes ! Small fountain-like item that crackles like crazy! Don't worry about cleaning it up because it literally disappears! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Crazy Fruit Case 12/1
22 Shots of colorful diamonds in the dark, screaming right through your ears! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Crazy Karen Case 3/1
Every neighborhood has a crazy Karen nearby… This is sure to bring them out of their houses! 64 shots - Red crackling, blue with white strobe, brocade crown, purple with gold strobe, blood red ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Cry Baby Case 48/1
7 Shots featurning blue with crackle mines. Great for gender reveals! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Cuckoo Fountain Case 24/6
Red, green, gold and white changing showers of glittering sparks with loud whistles. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Cup Of Joe Case 12/1
Get this big Cup of Joe! This coffee is explosive with energy and effects. Including gold titanium crackle, red and green pearls, and a massive crackle finale. One steamy pyrotechnic brew that is boun..

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Wholesale Fireworks Damned Case 12/1
An awesome ultra value compact 500G cake with 8 shots featuring glitter and strobing breaks! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Darts Case 4/1
Wholesale Fireworks Darts Case 4/40/6 Fantastic! These small items are sure to surprise. They start as a spinner then dart off skyward with a zipping noise. Contains 4 boxes of 40 bags of 6 pieces...

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Wholesale Fireworks Deadly Gaze 5" Canister Shells Case 4/24
24 Assorted effects featuring some of the best effects on the market today! Neons, spiders, lace, chrysanthemums and much much more! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Death Punch 4/1 Case
9 shots of colorful palm and colorful strobes that are sure to deliver a death punch in the sky. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Deterrence Case 9/1
9 massive shots of crackling willows with orange dahlia and red glitter, red tails to red glittering willows to chrysanthemums. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Diamond Back Case 24/1
Diamond Back 16 Shots Great value in this small but powerfull cake! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Dominator XL Cracker Case 18/3
WARNING EXPLOSIVES! Looks like a bundle of 12" dynomite sticks! Packed 18 packs of 3 ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Dont Panic Fountain Case 4/1
Titanium silver flower and red flash to golden sunflower with blue pearl crackling with red flash. Silver crackling with green flash with red flash and golden waterfall with blue pearl. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks DOS Attack 4/1 Case
At first glance you see a geek, a bookworm, a computer nerd, the little guy…. but never underestimate the power inside the mind of a madman. Kinda like this small 500 gram multi-shot with 20 ve..

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Wholesale Fireworks Double Nuke 2/1 Case
OMG Fireworks is back at it again and this time they are dropping bombs! Don’t be fooled by the 9 large 2” guns protruding from this box and keep your eyes on the sky as each shot contains..

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Wholesale Fireworks Double The Fun Case 4/1
24 breaks! Absolute best value with 24 huge breaks in one cake. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Dragon Case 3/1
24 shots with volleys of GIANT brocades and complimenting strobe and falling leaves make this a professional effect rarely seen in consumer fireworks. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Drain Bamaged 12/1 Case
30 Shot 200g cake- Red dahlia with white glitter, lemon dahlia with gold glitter, pigeon blood red with sky blue; crackling. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Dream Time Sparklers Case 30/12
30 packs containing 12 sparklers of assorted sizes 16" 24" and 28" gold sparklers! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks El Mucho Grande 3/1 Case
20 shots – A large fan cake with brilliant color shells inside and large brocade burst on each side. You will agree it is the big one! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Electro Streak Rockets 36/6 Case
Loud whistling rocket streaks to the sky ending in a huge colorful peony. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Extreme Ride 16/1 Case
Sky blue with green glitter, silver glitter with mine to silver glitter with red falling leaves, red glitter mine to green falling leaves. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Fandemic Case 2/1
A firework so good it spreads 42 shots across an entire country! With vertical and fanned effects including many variations, you will just have to shoot this one for yourself and see how it affects yo..

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Wholesale Fireworks Fat Boy Canister Snaps Case 6/24/20
These are not you average snaps... these are snaps redefined, with new updated packaging for safety! Case contains 6 display boxes, each display box contains 24 packs of 20 snaps. 2,880 snaps total..

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Wholesale Fireworks Fear Of The Dark 24ct Canister Shells 4/24 Case
24 Premium assorted 60g canister shells. Fear Of The Dark canister shells are the highest quality max load shells on the US market! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Fire Bug Case 12/1
We all got a little firebug in us… Its all good just light the fuse! 16 Shots - Red spider with red tail, green spider with green tail, Silk tail, red spider with red tail, green spider with gr..

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Wholesale Fireworks Fire Sabre Sword 60/1 Case
The Mighty Fire Sabre Sword Shoots Out Over 60 Seconds of Multi Colored Sparks and Crackle. Take Command as a Daring Fighter Durring the Display of Beautiful, C..

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Wholesale Fireworks FireWorks Case 12/1
This little 36 shot cake will impress even the most seasoned pyro! The performance will give most 500 grammers a run for their money! Brocade crown, red blue, White strobe, Purple wave and Chrysanthem..

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Wholesale Fireworks Flying Color Butterfly Rockets 6/Pk Case 72/6
Wholesale Fireworks Color Butterfly Rockets 6/Pk Case 72/6 Color Butterfly rockets feature color effects and spinners. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Free Energy Case 4/1
Featuring 10 shots of white tails to massive red, green, purple and yellow peonies with a 3 shot variegated peony finale! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Galactic Glitter Case 4/1
24 shots light up the galaxy with bright spinning tails to neon color bursts from giant breaks! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Genetically Modified Case 8/1
OMG Joe has done it again but this time he created something not of this world! 16 Shots of red comet tail blast red to blue with chrysanthemums, red comet tail blast gold willow. Red comet tail break..

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