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Roman Candles - A long tube that fires small balls of light in succession to one another. They can have as few as 5 shots, or as many as 200 shots.

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5 Ball China Roman Candles 6pk
These shoot five assorted colored balls out about 50 feet they're also quiet, for those who don&..
Blue Thunder 10 Ball OMG Candle 6pk
Blue Thunder OMG 10 Ball Candles feature blue pearls with a surprise bang! ..
Contrails Smoking Tail Roman Candle
Contrails is the first daytime use roman candle that shoots 5 flaming balls followed by very vibrant..
Disco Stick 196 Shots
Your knees, ankles and back aren't the only thing poppin on the disco floor! 196 Shots of silver..
Gerbera 180 Shots Roman Candle
180 Shots of colorful stars with popping chrysanthemums. ..
Mad Ox 10 Ball Assorted Roman Candle 6pk
Getting tired of the same ole effects....this pack features a great assortment with a variety of eff..
Magical 10 Ball OMG Candle 6pk
Magical OMG 10 Ball Candles feature high flying, premium quality red and green color pearls. ..
OMG Mega Candle 78 Shots
A 78 shot barrage of super loud salutes! ..
Pro Punk Fireworks Igniter 3/pk
Pro Punk Igniters Just Like The Pros Use ! Each Stick Has a Burn Time Of Roughly 45 Minutes !..
Purple Lighting 98 Shots Roman Candle
98 Shots purple brocade crown to chrysanthemums and purple stars. ..
Pyramid Power 5 Ball Candle 10pk
10 high performance 5 shot candles in a unique pyramid shaped pack!..
Rapid Fire 280 Shots
280 Shots of rapid firing Red and  green stars to chrysanthemum. Super attractive candle w..
Ripcord Parachute Roman Candle
Ripcord Parachute Roman Candle 5 Shots - Each shot rises with a gold tail and burst with crackle an..
Son of a Gun 8/Pk
Son of a gun 8/Pk Eight candles, each with different fancy effects. Whistles, spinners, comets, rep..
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