Wholesale Fireworks (Sold by the Case)

At Overstock Central Fireworks we also specialize in offering wholesale fireworks sold by the case. This section is open to the general public with no special account or membership required. Feel free to purchase one package of sparklers and one case of 500 gram cakes,the freedom and flexability is up to you.

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Wholesale Fireworks The Conjuring Case 4/1
Don't summon the devil, don't call the priests, If you need the strength, then conjure..
Wholesale Fireworks The Force Handheld Torch Fountain Case 60/1
The force is with you when holding onto this beast! ..
Wholesale Fireworks The Jaws Case 6/1
9 Shot 500g Cake- Red/blue and white glitterirng; water green and white glittering; lemon and white ..
Wholesale Fireworks The Pyrocist Case 4/1
At first you called the doctor, then a psychiatrist but then you realized there are greater forces i..
Wholesale Fireworks The Shit Case 4/1
OMG Joe is at it again, even when he’s on the toilet he is shitting good fireworks! 30 shots o..
Wholesale Fireworks Tim The Beaver Case 4/1
Red and blue with white glitter, blue and lemon with chrysanthemums, gold wave with green glitter, g..
Wholesale Fireworks Top Dawg Case 8/1
Crackling pink, white, pink and green glitters, crackling red palms and dragon eggs. Crackling silve..
Wholesale Fireworks Top Shelf 6 Shot Shell Kit 12/6 Case
6 Shot - A product that lives up to its name with Mega Burst Technology ! A true performer..
Wholesale Fireworks Top Shelf Artillery Shell Kit Case 6/12
Wholesale Fireworks Top Shelf Artillery Shell Kit Case 6/12 12 Shots Top Shelf ushers in a new era ..
Wholesale Fireworks Total Dominance Assortment Case 2/1
Total Dominance 46pc Assortment a large-sized assortment with artillery, aerials, fountains, sparkle..
Wholesale Fireworks Tough Guys Case 18/2
Tough Guys Twin Pack Don't be fooled by size, these little tough guys pack a punch!   ..
Wholesale Fireworks Tribal Case 6/1
16 shots of whirlwind tails to colorful breaks. All action! ..
Wholesale Fireworks Triple Whistler Bottle Rockets Case 20/12/12
Wholesale Fireworks Triple Whistler Boptle Rockets Case 25/12/12 A small sky rocket consisting..
Wholesale Fireworks Unabomber Canister Artillery Bomb Shells 4/24 Case
You have seen the headlines; you’ve heard the stories! This package contains a manifesto of so..
Wholesale Fireworks Under Toe Case 8/1
At first a little tickle on your toes… don’t forget which way is up as OMG Jo..
Wholesale Fireworks Velociraptor Case 4/1
A long lasting 500 Gram 22 shot repeater with a variety of effects. Features 3 point fan shots, swim..
Wholesale Fireworks Whacked Case 12/1
Whistling to red glitter with chrysanthemum, red wave to blue to red and white glitter, time rain to..
Wholesale Fireworks Whirlwinds Case 6/32/3
Wholesale Fireworks Whirlwinds Case 6/32/3 Fantastic! These small items are sure to surprise. The..
Wholesale Fireworks Wicked Case 24/1
9 Wicked shots of hard hitting colors with strobes! ..
Wholesale Fireworks Wildcard Case 12/1
This 49 shot 200 gram repeater has crackling mines to brocade breaks with colored tips, then finishe..
Wholesale Fireworks Winds Of Change Case 4/1
Professional color changing effects!   The effects of this cake are bigger than most canister ..
Wholesale Fireworks Witching Hour Case 6/1
Pyro Demon Has Done It Once Again With This One ! 16 shots ! Brocade crown mine up to brocade crown..
Wholesale Fireworks Wonderful Willows Ball Shells Case 12/6
Silver tails to brocade crown and silver tails to beautiful golden willows! Case contains 12 boxes..
Wholesale FireworksThe Firequackers Case 4/1
These OMG guys are at it again! Bringing you 20 Vertical shots - Gold to blue mines with golden spid..
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