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16 Shot Finale 4-Pack
16 Shot Finale 4-Pack, That's 64 Shots For $35.99! MANAGERS SPECIAL !! THESE ARE JUST ONE ..
25 Shot Saturn Missile 4-Pack
25 shot Saturn Missile 4-Pack  Item contains 4-25 Shot Missiles also know as Saturn Missi..
6 Inch MAGA Canister Shells 24ct
MAGA Shells feature some of the greatest effects on the consumer fireworks market! 6 inch max load c..
Air Defense 100 Shot
Red and green comets to intense crackle filling the entire sky ! Very loud ! ..
Baby Dragon
14 Shots - Red tipped chrysanthemums to vibrant flittering white strobes to green tipped chrysa..
Burning Man Stick Fountain 4pk
Gold and silver showers of sparks featuring green pearls with crackling!..
Chicken Blowing Balloon 12pk Display Box
Giving out Whistling and Blow the Balloon at the Back. ..
Cobra Kiss
The ultimate 3 layer cake! 2 layers of chrysanthemum mines up to crackles with chrysanthemum on the ..
Colorful Sky
Colorful dahlia white strobe mine, burst red coco and white strobe; Green coco with white strobe; Br..
Cotton Mouth
18 shot fan cake, This item features a new effect we call "cotton crackle". Its a soft cra..
Crackle Balls Display Box 12/6
Light fuse for a loud crackling,strobe Effect !! Pop Zip and Zing! Item contains 12 packa..
Crackle Balls Single Pack
Light fuse for a loud crackling,strobe Effect !! Pop Zip and Zing! PACKAGE CONTAINS 6/PCS  ..
Crackling Whips 12pk
A chinese tradional item, 12pcs of whips with loud crackle!..
Crackling Whips Display Box 20/12
A chinese tradional item, containing 20 bags of 12 whips with loud crackle!..
Crazy Cracklers 6pk
Crazy Cracklers 6pk These are too much fun as they last over 3 minutes ! Small fountain-like item t..
Cry Baby
7 Shots featurning blue with crackle mines. Great for gender reveals! ..
Cup Of Joe
Get this big Cup of Joe! This coffee is explosive with energy and effects. Including gold titanium c..
Deadly Gaze 5" Canister Shells 24pk
24 Assorted effects featuring some of the best effects on the market today! Neons, spiders, lace, ch..
9 massive shots of crackling willows with orange dahlia and red glitter, red tails to red glittering..
Diamond Back
Diamond Back 16 Shots Great value in this small but powerfull cake! ..
Disco Stick 196 Shots
Your knees, ankles and back aren't the only thing poppin on the disco floor! 196 Shots of silver..
Dont Panic Fountain
Titanium silver flower and red flash to golden sunflower with blue pearl crackling with red flash. S..
Double Surprise
Showers of brilliant stars with a surprise mine. Next to a shower or beautiful pine needles again wi..
Giant #12 Cone Fountain
A great cone fountain with bright silver sparks to a powerful crackle and color finish...
Go Maniac
27 Shots Fast crackles to colored palms, loud and fast! ..
Grand Slam
This fan shaped fountain will knock it out of the park! Laser red with titanium chrysanthemums with ..
Happy Boom Golden Dragon Eggs 6pk
Happy Boom Golden Dragon Eggs 6pk Intense crackling will provide hours or fun! contains 1 bag of 6..
Happy Boom Golden Dragon Eggs Display Box 24/6
Happy Boom Golden Dragon Eggs Display Box 24/6 Intense crackling will provide hours or fun! contai..
Helix Spinning Color Fountain
Features a unique spinning finale! Lots of crackle and color with this one of a kind item. ..
Hemp Hemp Hooray
24 Shots with unique new colorful sky comets to crackling sky mines.  ..
Hot Wheels 30s
30 Shots starting with palms and red lace, W shaped brocade crowns and nishiki rain, spinning silver..
Jumbo Crackling Ground Bloom Flower 6/Pk
Jumbo Crackling Ground Bloom Flower Jumbo Size! These items spin rapidly on the ground making a crac..
Kicking Up The Color
Red and sky blue stars with white strobe. Crackling tail with red, green and sky blue tail, sky blue..
Kids Value Backpack Assortment
Kids Value Backpack Assortment With over 15 unique and high quality pyrotechnic items your kids wil..
Land Mines 3pk
Hit the dirt! Anyone within 5 steps will know when one of these authentic looking land mines ha..
Leopard 30s
30 Shots! Beautiful neon colors and gold chrysanthemums, nishiki willows rains down while silver whi..
Love & Peace
Almost 2 minute duration! Gold spring and gold flower with blue. ..
Mega Fountain 3pk Assortment
Fire, Ice and Lava; The most powerful forces on the planet come to life with this large 3 pack fount..
Millenial Falcon Spaceship
Plastic toy spaceship that spins with showers of red green fire, spinner & red fire...
Nano Tech
19 Shots made from the latest in fireworks technology fill the night sky with amazing effects! ..
Neon Crash Fountain
Neon Crash Fountain 500G Fountain Neon Crash Fountain, This great fountain is a crash of colors and..
Neon Power Surge
156 Shots - Red tip sizzling, green tip sizzling, blue tip sizzling, silver tail whistle, time ..
Never Ending Fountain
Red and green pearls. Purple green white flowers. Blue fountain With silver showers. Red with cya..
No.10 Bamboo Crackling Sparklers 36ct
No.10 Bamboo Crackling Sparklers 36ct 10" Crackling Bamboo sparklers with a bamboo wood handle..
OMG 6 Inch XL Special Effects Canister Shells 24ct
OMG 6 Inch XL Canister Shells 24 Special effect canister shells feature 12 ring effects and 12 tail..
OMG Crackling Artillery Ball Shells Compact 6pk
Premium OMG Crackling Ball Shells, a high quality premium assorted artillery shell kit features an a..
OMG Premium Ball Shell Assortment Bundle 3pk
OMG Premium Ball Shell Assortment Bundle 3pk Premium OMG Ball Shells assorement. A high quality pre..
$59.97 $29.99
One Bad Granny
Very Long duration of vibrant colorful fish with gold and silver willows. Finishes with tons of crac..
Titanium golden flower blue pear, Silver spring, silver spike flower with red flash.Titanium silver ..
Poker Face Fountain
Poker Face Fountain It never changes expression! Eyes and Mouth strobe brighty, and the colors..
Puff The Magic Dragon
While this item looks like a 200G it perferms like a 500G! The most beautiful titanium golden palms ..
Purple Lighting 98 Shots Roman Candle
98 Shots purple brocade crown to chrysanthemums and purple stars. ..
Pyro Cola
Caffeine charged fountain with plenty of bubbly crackle...
Rainbow Sparkle
Silver Fountain, Red star white chrysanthemums with yellow star green strobe, blue star gold pine. ..
25 Shots of crackling tails to spiders with various color glitters featuring brocade crowns. ..
Red, White and Blue Spinners 4pk
Spins while emitting sparks changing from red, white to blue. Ending with a barrage of crackle...
Rip Rock Roll 220 Shots
220 Shot- Very popular! A fast zipper style cake with lots of color and noise. This one is sure to b..
Silver spring, silver rain with red and green showers of sparks. ..
Shots, Shots and More Shots
242 Shots of colorful, crackling, reporting and whistling tails zip back and forth. Its packed full ..
Son of a Gun 8/Pk
Son of a gun 8/Pk Eight candles, each with different fancy effects. Whistles, spinners, comets, rep..
Star Strength
15 shots of crackling mines to time rain willows with colors. ..
Super Crazy Balls 3pk
These are the hottest crackle balls on the market with a spread over 25' ! Just watch the video!..
Super Duper Scooper
Large ice cream cone shaped fountain with Super Duper effects that are long lasting with vivid color..
Super Ground Bloom Flowers 4pk
A Pyro Demon super sized ground bloom flower! The largest on the market. ..
Super Heros Fountain Assortment 6pk
An awesome assortment of 6 super size fountains! Each fountain provides over 1 minute durations with..
Texas Cowboy
Hard hitting 30 shot cake with brocade crown with blue pearl;brocade crown with white glitter;brocad..
$69.99 $62.99
The Captain's Choice - Rocket Assortment
The Captain's Choice Rocket Assortment This huge rocket assortment has all the rockets you will..
The Creeper
7 shots of red strobing tails to beautiful crackling bouquets. ..
Time Warp
The ultimate 3-stage W shape fountain! Titanium blue flame and gold fountain. Blue glittering founta..
Top Dawg
Crackling pink, white, pink and green glitters, crackling red palms and dragon eggs. Crackling silve..
Total Dominance Assortment
Total Dominance 46pc Assortment a large-sized assortment with artillery, aerials, fountains, sparkle..
Tough Guys Twin Pack
Tough Guys Twin Pack Don't be fooled by size, these little tough guys pack a punch!   ..
Tracer Rounds
90 shots - Silver serpant tails to red and purple dual firing peacock with silver crackling snowball..
Twitter Glitter
Starts with a colorful fountain and then ejects colored stars and reports with whistle. ..
Uncle Sam
16 Shots of time rain breaks with beautiful glitters and fuzzy crackling tails to titanium willows! ..
Whirlwinds 3/pk
Whirlwinds 3/pk Fantastic! These small items are sure to surprise. They start as a spinner then dar..
Whirlwinds Counter Display Box 32/ct
Whirlwinds Counter Display Box 32/ct Fantastic! These small items are sure to surprise. They start ..
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