4 Finger Joe's 4pk Assortment Box

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4 Finger Joe's 4pk Assortment Box

(Drunken Text) 

4 finger Joe don’t hold his liquor very well! WTF is he trying to say?! 16 shots: Bushy crackling tails rise to big bursts of strobe and crackle. Red and green strobe to silver palms and a four-shot finale. 

(Hold My Beer) 

Every party has that “one guy”! 16 shots: silver glitter tails rise to thunderous brocade bursts with blue, white, green strobes and Titanium silver chrysanthemum. Shoots volleys of two, then finishes with a four-shot finale. 

(Look What I Can Do) 

Joe is at it again with something new! 16 shots: Three-layer effects! Crackling mine to blue tail with crackle to brocade and red, green white strobe/blue and white strobe. 

(I Got This) 

Oh boy! Somebody better get Joe this time! 16 shots: A Fiery combination of brocade to red, green and blue bursts over brocade to red, green and blue mines. Shots fire in volleys of two, followed by a four-shot finale. 

All depictions on these graphics are for parody only. Never use alcohol while using fireworks. Always use fireworks in accordance with their safety label.

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