Voices In The Sky Canister Shells Kit 24pk

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Voices In The Sky Canister Shells Kit 24pk

24 Massive canister shells! Box includes 24- 4" canister shells and 4 fiberglass mortar tubes.

A1 Nishiki willows with orange pearls

A2 Nishiki willows with purple and green stars

A3 Nishiki golden willows

A4 Nishiki willows with carmine stars

A5 Nishiki willows with crackling pearls

A6 Nishiki willows with pink and lemon pearls


B1 Brocade

B2 Brocade with titanium palms

B3 Brocade with green stars

B4 Brocade with red plum blossoms

B5 Brocade with crackling pearls

B6 Brocade with silver glitters


C1 Red wave with crackling pearls

C2 Green and yellow wave with silver glitters

C3 White wave with red stars

C4 Purple and green waves and red blossoms

C5 Blue waves with time rain

C6 Blue wave with time rain


D1 Titanium Palms

D2 Titanium Palms with blue stars

D3 Titanium Palms with red glitters

D4 Titanium Palms to chrysanthemum

D5 Titanium Palms with green and yellow pearls

D6 Titanium Palms with green glitters

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