Wholesale Fireworks (Sold by the Case)

At Overstock Central Fireworks we also specialize in offering wholesale fireworks sold by the case. This section is open to the general public with no special account or membership required. Feel free to purchase one package of sparklers and one case of 500 gram cakes,the freedom and flexability is up to you.

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Wholesale Fireworks Spinosaurus 24/1 Case
Brocade crown to red with golden willow, brocade crown to white strobe with golden willow, brocade crown to blue with golden willow. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Star Spangled Slammers 5" Super Shells Case 4/24
A true 5 star canister shell kit featuring 24 unique RWB assorted effects! The 5" tall design allows for maximum load.... These babies are loaded! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Stress Buster 2/1 Case
Red, sky blue peony to brocade crown; green, purple peony to brocade crown; yellow, blue peony to brocade crown; purple, yellow peony to brocade crown.  12 shots. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Strobe Lights 6/40/6 Case
Strobe Flash Pot 6/40/6 Case Classic strobe pot action, this device flashes like a disco ball, lighting up the night sky briefly before plunging it back into darkness. A unique novelty that will da..

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Wholesale Fireworks Strobing Willow Case 12/1
25 shots of gold titanium willows with teal, green, peach, blue and gold glitter. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Suicide Squad Case 4/1
Red glittering tail to red stars with white plum, green stars with white plum, purple stars with white plum, lemon stars to white plum, crackling. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Sunflower Planes Case 60/12
Spins on the ground then flies high into the air with assorted colors! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Super Ground Bloom Flowers 72/4 Case
A Pyro Demon super sized ground bloom flower! The largest on the market. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Superman Case 12/1
Light red crackling to red coconut, green light crackling to green coconut. Flower wave with blue coconut, each row of three shots crackling whistling, whistling with silverrevolve split to blue pearl..

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Wholesale Fireworks SWAT 4/1 Case
20 Shots Of Hard Breaking Brocade. Strobes and Blood Red Stars To a Strong Finish With Lots Of Noise ! Be Careful With This Heavy Hitter Because After Shooting This Cake You Might Have The S.W...

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Wholesale Fireworks Swimmin Wit Da Fishes 12/1 Case
Brocade king with red and white strobe, brocade king with purple and green strobe, brocade king with purple and white strobe. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks T-Rex 24/1 Case
9 Shots Purple dahlia, lemon dahlia with white strobes, skyblue dahlia, lemon dahliawith white strobes, skyblue dahlia with orange dahlia with crackles. Finale with multi-shot dahlia with crackles. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Terrible Night 48/1 Case
7-Shots A Small Package With Big Effects ! Each Shot Shoots High in The Air With a Burst That is Almost Out of This World ! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Texas Cowboy Case 4/1
Hard hitting 30 shot cake with brocade crown with blue pearl;brocade crown with white glitter;brocade crown with crackling. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Texas Pop Rocket 72/12 Case
They Say Everything is Bigger In Texas ! These Texas Pop Rockets Fit The Bill With the Jumbo Size and Performance ! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Tha Bomb 4/3 Case
Bomb Warning: Green coconut & white strobe; gold willow to purple/green;red coconut & white strobe;gold willow to red/blue;red strobe & silver chrys. Bomb Pop: Purple coconut & whit..

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Wholesale Fireworks The Good Shit Case 4/1
Brocade crown with white strobe, chicken blood, sky blue with green strobe. Brocade crown with red strobe. Green and purple dahlia with red strobe. Brocade crown with green strobe. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks The Reaper 4/1 Case
Long hanging willow with teal and peach and grass green.White strobing.Long hanging willow with blue and grass green.Long hanging willow with peach and teal and grass green,blue stars. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Thundering Glory Case 4/1
30 Shots of purple tail to brocade crown with purple,green tail to brocade crown with green, strobe time rain tail to big chrysanthemum, purple tail to brocade crown with green strobe, time rain tail ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Top Dawg Case 8/1
Crackling pink, white, pink and green glitters, crackling red palms and dragon eggs. Crackling silver palms and dragon eggs, crackling pink dragon eggs, crackling blue pearls and dragon eggs with crac..

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Wholesale Fireworks Top Shelf Double Break Artillery Shells Case 6/12
 Wholesale Fireworks Top Shelf Doublebreak Artillery Shells Case 6/12 12 Double Break Shells Twice the power of our Best Selling Top Shelf Artillery.   *VIDEO COMING SOON. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Touch of Evil 3/1 Case
1st row: 5 shot fanned volley of blood red glittering willow mines to massive brocade crown and red strobe breaks 2nd row: 5 shot fanned volley sea green glittering willow mines to massive brocade cro..

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Wholesale Fireworks Twitter Glitter Case 18/4
Starts with a colorful fountain and then ejects colored stars and reports with whistle. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Velociraptor Case 4/1
A long lasting 500 Gram 22 shot repeater with a variety of effects. Features 3 point fan shots, swimming jellyfish, and a hard hitting finale. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Victory Celebration w/ Parachutes Case 12/1
Victory Celebration w/ Parachutes This an old favorite with night time parachutes that fill the sky. A favoriate of both kids and adults alike. Great fun as daytime fireworks as well. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Violet And Crimson Case 72/6
Produces multicolor showers of sparks with white glitter/red/green. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks White Noise Case 4/1
Red dahlia with big chrysanthemums. Red strobe willows with green strobes. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Wicked 8/1 Case
This 7 shot has loud, big shots of silver chrysanthemums and brocade crowns! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Wild Geese Rockets Case 48/6
Wild Geese Rockets 6pk feature color effects and spinners. ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Wildcat Case 6/1
9 Huge shots prey on the night sky with color & strobe star shells. This is a wild one! ..

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Wholesale Fireworks Winds Of Change Case 4/1
Professional color changing effects!   The effects of this cake are bigger than most canister shells boasting 10 massive 2” diameter shots! Paced out just perfectly. Violet to fuchsia, sea..

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