Firework Category: Roman Candles

Roman Candles - A long tube that fires small balls of light in succession to one another. They can have as few as 5 shots, or as many as 200 shots.

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Pink Perfect Visco Fuse 3mm 20ft Roll
Pink Perfect 3mm Fuse 20ft Roll Burn Speed is 9.5-10 seconds per foot. DO NOT LIGHT THIS FUSE BY HAND ! This fuse is intended for triggering multiple items at once Great for chaining item..

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10 Ball Magical Roman Candle 6/Pk
10 BALL MAGICAL ROMAN CANDLE 6/pk Our most popular candles 10 Shots Per Candle. ..

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10 Ball Star Light Roman Candles 4pk
10 Shot Roman Candle With Bright Color Stars and Report ! ..

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Candle Mania
12 pack candle assortment with 3 each of 4 varied effects in nice clear bag with cardboard header. ..

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Contrails Smoking Tail Roman Candle
Contrails is the first daytime use roman candle that shoots 5 flaming balls followed by very vibrant color smoke trails high in the sky! ..

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Machine Gun Roman 280 Shots
280 shot rapid fire roman candle containing red green star to chrysanthemum.  ..

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Mini 10 Ball Magical Roman Candles 12/Pk
Don't Be Fooled by Their Size ! Each Candle Shoots 10 Balls of Color, Crackling Pearls! ..

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Mini Gun 252 Shots
This massive Roman Candle sends 252 red, white and blue colored balls surging into the air creating an amazing array of patriotic colors. ..

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Pro Punk Fireworks Igniter 3/pk
Pro Punk Igniters Just Like The Pros Use ! Each Stick Has a Burn Time Of Roughly 45 Minutes ! Contains 3 Packs Of 2 ..

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Son of a Gun 8/Pk
Son of a gun 8/Pk Eight candles, each with different fancy effects. Whistles, spinners, comets, reports and more! Fantastic. ..

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The Demonizer 210 Shot Roman Candle
A massive roman candle cannon the emits 210 neon colored pearls. ..

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