Firework Category: Parachutes

Parachute - A paper projectile that is expelled from a mortar tube either as a single-shot item, or as a multi-shot effect in a cake.

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Pink Perfect Visco Fuse 3mm 20ft Roll
Pink Perfect 3mm Fuse 20ft Roll Burn Speed is 9.5-10 seconds per foot. DO NOT LIGHT THIS FUSE BY HAND ! This fuse is intended for triggering multiple items at once Great for chaining item..

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3 Day Parachute With Smoke 4-Pack
Kids will love this one with more parachutes to catch! ..

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7 Lanterns Parachute 6pk
7 Lanterns Parachute 6pk Colored parachute shoots skyward then floats down with seven brilliantly colored flares! For night use. ..

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Double Day Parachute
Shoots a single shot that propels a tube in the sky that breaks open and shoots out two parachutes that fall back down. ..

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Mammoth Day Parachute 4/pk
Giant 40" Parachute For Day Time Use. Make Sure To Chase It and Dont Let It Get Away ! ..

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Oh Chute ! Parachute 4pk
4 tubes- The single shot parachutes are assorted in the box and will have smoke and crackle; All will have long confetti streamers ! ..

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Parachute Battalion
Each shot releases many mini parachutes of different colors. Great day time item! ..

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Paratrooper Daytime Single Shot 4pk
Paratrooper single shot, For daytime use shoots a smoke bomb high into the air with a parachute that opens descending back to earth with a life-like army figure attached! ..

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Paratrooper Parachute 2/pk
Single Shot Parachute With a Toy Army Man Coming Down To Safety ! ..

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Princess Parachutes (Pink Smoke Daytime Firework)
9-Shots ! Don't Mess With The Princess... 9 HUGE Parachutes Rise With a Loud Thump And Drift Down With a Rich Pink Smoke Trail ! For Daytime Use, Great Fun For The Whole Family And Perfec..

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Pro Punk Fireworks Igniter 3/pk
Pro Punk Igniters Just Like The Pros Use ! Each Stick Has a Burn Time Of Roughly 45 Minutes ! Contains 3 Packs Of 2 ..

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Screamin’ Eagles 2pk
Screamin’ Eagles 2pk A jumbo red, white and blue parachute that drifts to the ground as it crackles or smokes with a moveable army man attached. The kids will love this hot item! ..

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Single Night Parachutes 6/Pk
Single Night Parachutes 6/pk A classic night time parachute that kids love. ..

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Victory Celebration 37 Shots w/ Parachutes
Victory Celebration w/ Parachutes This an old favorite with night time parachutes that fill the sky. A favoriate of both kids and adults alike. Great fun as daytime fireworks as well. ..

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