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Fountains - Usually in the shape of a cone or log that stands on the ground upright; when lit emits thousands of sparks of various colors which sometimes reports and can last from thirty seconds to three minutes.

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4" Assorted Fountains 3pk
4" Assorted Fountains 3pk A low cost but high performance assortment of effects! Winter, Summ..
6 Inch Floral Fountain 4pk Assortment
4 Different Fountains, 4 Different Effects with a Great Value Price! ..
90 Second Silver Strobe 5pk
90 Seconds of pulsing, bright and blinding silver strobe!..
Aircraft Carrier 2/Pk
Aircraft Carrier features colorful sparks, whistle, and sends two flying items high into the air...
Angels Kiss
Angel’s Kiss fountain features red, yellow & blue crackling with red & blue pine needl..
Armadillo Fountain
(A)Red/green/yellow sparkler; (B)Blue/purple/white sparkler; (C)Golden Chrysanthemum; (D) Long crack..
Bolt of Blue
Long lasting with alot of color, no noise. Features blue and silver effects. ..
Burning Man Stick Fountain 4pk
Gold and silver showers of sparks featuring green pearls with crackling!..
Chicken Blowing Balloon 12pk Display Box
Giving out Whistling and Blow the Balloon at the Back. ..
Color Smoke Fountain 5pk
Over 1 minute of heavy vibrant smoke come in 5 different colors Yellow/Blue/Green/Purple/Red ..
Crazy Cracklers 6pk
Crazy Cracklers 6pk These are too much fun as they last over 3 minutes ! Small fountain-like item t..
Cuckoo Fountain 6pk
Red, green, gold and white changing showers of glittering sparks with loud whistles...
Cup Of Joe
Get this big Cup of Joe! This coffee is explosive with energy and effects. Including gold titanium c..
Dancing Butterfly 6pk
Dancing Butterfly 6pk Stars as a fountain, ends with a surprise burst of ground spinners...
Dont Panic Fountain
Titanium silver flower and red flash to golden sunflower with blue pearl crackling with red flash. S..
Double Surprise
Showers of brilliant stars with a surprise mine. Next to a shower or beautiful pine needles again wi..
Dragons Breath
Plastic dragon fountain that produces a magical fireworks show. Assorted colors selected at random...
Eco Strobe 10pk
Dont be fooled by the small size because these little strobes have huge performance! Silver to green..
Eco Strobe 48ct Display Box
Dont be fooled by the small size because these little strobes have huge performance! Silver to green..
Ferris Wheel
Emits showers of colorful neon sparks while spinning. ..
Fire Sabre Sword 2pk (Hand Held Fountain)
The Mighty Fire Sabre Sword Shoots Out Over 60 Seconds of Multi Colored&nbs..
Fruit Wedge Fountain Assortment 3-Pack
This vibrant 3 color fountain assortment features watermelon, kiwi and orange flavors...
Giant #12 Cone Fountain
A great cone fountain with bright silver sparks to a powerful crackle and color finish...
Grand Slam
This fan shaped fountain will knock it out of the park! Laser red with titanium chrysanthemums with ..
Happiness Fountain 3/pk
An oldie but a goody. A staple item for every fireworks show. Small, inexpensive fountain that ..
Happiness Fountain 6/pk
An oldie but a goody. A staple item for every fireworks show. Small, inexpensive fountain that ..
Helix Spinning Color Fountain
Features a unique spinning finale! Lots of crackle and color with this one of a kind item. ..
High Light
Lots of green effects in this long lasting fountain that lights up the leaf shaped window at the end..
Hot Wheels
Large multi driver wheel spins rapidly on the ground with silver tail to silver fountain to gold fou..
Jack In The Box 6pk
The Classic Jack in The Box, A Fountain With Spinners of Color and Crackle !..
Jr. Cuckoo Fountain 3pk
Red, green, gold and white changing showers of glittering sparks with loud whistles...
Kids Value Backpack Assortment
Kids Value Backpack Assortment With over 15 unique and high quality pyrotechnic items your kids wil..
Killer Bees 4Pk
Killer Bees 4/Pk  One of the most easily recognized fountains and always popular. ..
Love & Peace
Almost 2 minute duration! Gold spring and gold flower with blue. ..
Max Value Tray Assortment
Contains at least 22 different items including firecrackers, aerials, fountains, roman candles and r..
Mega Fountain 3pk Assortment
Fire, Ice and Lava; The most powerful forces on the planet come to life with this large 3 pack fount..
Mugs Up
The crowd will raise their glass after seeing this exciting fountain. It is full of bold colors and ..
Neon Crash Fountain
Neon Crash Fountain 500G Fountain Neon Crash Fountain, This great fountain is a crash of colors and..
Neon Fountains
Red and green with white chrysanthemum, orange and blue with white flowers, green and blue pearls, b..
Never Ending Fountain
Red and green pearls. Purple green white flowers. Blue fountain With silver showers. Red with cya..
Night Owl Fountain
(A) Red/green/yellow sparkler; (B) Purple/orange/white sparkler; (C) Silver crackle; (D)White pine n..
One Bad Granny
Very Long duration of vibrant colorful fish with gold and silver willows. Finishes with tons of crac..
Titanium golden flower blue pear, Silver spring, silver spike flower with red flash.Titanium silver ..
Patriot Sticks Handheld Fountain Sparkler 3pk
Long lasting handheld mini fountain/sparkler 3pk! ..
Poker Face Fountain
Poker Face Fountain It never changes expression! Eyes and Mouth strobe brighty, and the colors..
Pro Punk Fireworks Igniter 3/pk
Pro Punk Igniters Just Like The Pros Use ! Each Stick Has a Burn Time Of Roughly 45 Minutes !..
Pro Strobe XL Assorted Colors 3/pk
These Strobes are just like the Pros use. Very Bright large flashing strobes...
Pyro Cola
Caffeine charged fountain with plenty of bubbly crackle...
Radical Rainbow Fountain
Vivid colors like you have never seen, in a rainbow shaped prism! ..
Rainbow Sparkle
Silver Fountain, Red star white chrysanthemums with yellow star green strobe, blue star gold pine. ..
Sassy Sally 6pk
Sassy Sally 6pk Boy can Sally “scream”! Small silver “high pitched screamin&rdquo..
Silver spring, silver rain with red and green showers of sparks. ..
Sliver Of Silver 8pk
Sliver of silver performs just like the pros! A super high quality silver fountain that is sure to c..
Summertime Santa
You will want to celebrate like it is Christmas when you see this great fountain. Red, green, silver..
Super Duper Scooper
Large ice cream cone shaped fountain with Super Duper effects that are long lasting with vivid color..
Super Heros Fountain Assortment 6pk
An awesome assortment of 6 super size fountains! Each fountain provides over 1 minute durations with..
Just an awesome little fountain at a budget price! ..
The Force Handheld Torch Fountain 2pk
The force is with you when holding onto this beast! Sold 2 per pack. ..
Time Warp
The ultimate 3-stage W shape fountain! Titanium blue flame and gold fountain. Blue glittering founta..
Total Dominance Assortment
Total Dominance 46pc Assortment a large-sized assortment with artillery, aerials, fountains, sparkle..
Violet And Crimson 6pk
Produces multicolor showers of sparks with white glitter/red/green...
World Class Flashing Signal 6pk
A long time favorite of many. This item is a noiseless flashing strobe that lasts nearly 20 seconds ..
World Class No.8 Classic Cone Fountain
This classic cone fountain has a wide variety of effects sure to be a crowd pleaser! ..
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