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Red, White and Blue Bombs
Each shot is a beautiful combination of white stobing stars with alternating red and blue bursts. Yo..
Riders In The Sky
Crackling palm with red strobe, golden strobe willows with blue stars. Lemon and purple with gold ch..
$69.99 $58.99
Salute To The Red, White and Blue Assorted 3pc Case
1500 Grams of firepower! 72 total shots! The ultimate patriotic finale 3 pack case Justice, L..
Sassy Sally 6pk
Sassy Sally 6pk Boy can Sally “scream”! Small silver “high pitched screamin&rdquo..
Say Cheese
Big silver palms with white glitters and gold glitters, crackling willows with red glitter and chrys..
Sinister Chemistry
Just stand back and watch…. A little bit of this, a little dab of that and voila! We have a h..
Slammers Mandarin Super Snaps 20ct Box
These are not you average snaps... these are snaps redefined, with new updated 20ct packaging for sa..
Slammers Mandarin Super Snaps 24/20 Display Box
These are not you average snaps... these are snaps redefined, with new updated packaging for safety!..
Son of a Gun 8/Pk
Son of a gun 8/Pk Eight candles, each with different fancy effects. Whistles, spinners, comets, rep..
Super Crazy Balls 3pk
These are the hottest crackle balls on the market with a spread over 25' ! Just watch the video!..
Surprising Shooting
Red to green; Sky blue to red; Crackling to red,green,blue,purple,lemon,orange tail; Green to chrysa..
Swords Of Fire
Swords Of Fire Gold brocade with blue stars, blue and gold bouquets. Finale of crackling brocade. ..
Team Dominator 4pc Assortment
45 massive shots in the 4 peice finale set! 2000 Grams of firepower! Each assortment includes: Knuck..
All new effects! 26 Shots - Plum flowers with wandering palms, very interesting! ..
Texas Cowboy
Hard hitting 30 shot cake with brocade crown with blue pearl;brocade crown with white glitter;brocad..
$69.99 $62.99
Texas Twister
34 Shots - Red tail to gold willow to red and white strobe. Blue tails to titanium with golden palms..
The Alamo
25 Shots - Red, green, purple and blue tails to red, green, blue and purple wave to crackling ..
The Big Bong Theory
18 shot fanned cake with a mix of comets and breaks. ..
The Biggest, Baddest and Brightest 6pk Assortment
6 Cakes, 16 Shots each! 1. Purple star with green glitter, blue stars with red glitter. 2. Red pal..
The Conjuring
Don't summon the devil, don't call the priests, If you need the strength, then conjure..
The Detonator
12 Shots -Detonator features Mega-Burst Technology to give you the biggest, hardest breaking sh..
The Good Sh!t
Brocade crown with white strobe, chicken blood, sky blue with green strobe. Brocade crown with red s..
The Horror Series 75 Shot 3pk
At first you called the doctor, then a psychiatrist but then you realized there are greater forces i..
The Jaws
9 Shot 500g Cake- Red/blue and white glitterirng; water green and white glittering; lemon and white ..
The Pyrocist
At first you called the doctor, then a psychiatrist but then you realized there are greater forces i..
The Shit
OMG Joe is at it again, even when he’s on the toilet he is shitting good fireworks! 30 shots o..
Thunder Bomb Firecrackers 2,000 Roll
200ct Firecracker Superstring, High quality supercharged firecrackers by Boomer Fireworks...
Thunder Road
28 Shots - Brocade crowns with red and green tips, red and green color strobes, and chrysanthemum fi..
Time Warp
The ultimate 3-stage W shape fountain! Titanium blue flame and gold fountain. Blue glittering founta..
Top Shelf 6 Shot Shell Kit
6 Shot - A product that lives up to its name with Mega Burst Technology ! A true performer..
Top Shelf Artillery Shell Kit 12 Shot
 Top Shelf Artillery Shell Kit 12 Shot Top Shelf ushers in a new era in ball artillery. These ..
Tough As Hell
16 Shots - Tough as Hell! With the largest breaking cake performance with tiger tails to golden crow..
Tracer Rounds
90 shots - Silver serpant tails to red and purple dual firing peacock with silver crackling snowball..
Unabomber Canister Artillery Bomb Shells 24ct Kit
You have seen the headlines; you’ve heard the stories! This package contains a manifesto of so..
Under The Sea
25 Shots - Red, green and white chrysanthemums with blue and silver trace. ..
USA Pyro
Stars ansd stripes of color light up the back yard with HUGE bursts! Followed by a grand finale that..
Vampire Invasion
Brocade crown tail to burst brocade crown with red, green and blue dahlia; Brocade crown bouquet to ..
Werewolf Attack
Brocade crown tiger tail with red crossette to green tail up to red, green, blue and purple stars wi..
Whistling Chaser With Double Report 8/Pk
 Whistling Chaser With Double Report 8/Pk  Moving Forward With Report....Where They Will ..
Wholesale Fireworks 5 Inch Pyro Packed Canister Shells 4/24 Case
Dont let the size of the package fool you, inside there is 1440 grams of firepower in this box! Come..
Willow Explosion
24 Rapid firing shots of giant nishiki willows with vibrant blue stars that fill the entire sky!&nbs..
Willow King 5" 24ct Canister Shell Kit
Kit contains 24 assorted willow canister shells ..
Winds Of Change
Professional color changing effects!   The effects of this cake are bigger than most canister ..
WOW Factor
Brocade to big chrysanthemums, rose red, grass green, sky blue to another round of big chrysanthemum..
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