Fireworks Clubs and Organizations

Find a Fireworks Club or Pyrotechnic Organizations Near You! We Greatly Encourage The Safe, Responsible and Legal Use of Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Devices.

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American Pyrotechnics Association (APA)

Julie Heckman, (301) 907-8181

The APA is the premier trade association of the fireworks industry. The APA was founded in 1948 with three principle aims: to encourage safety in the design and use of all types of fireworks; to provide industry information and support to our members; and to promote responsible regulation of the fireworks industry.

Bluegrass Pyrotechnics Guild

John Mueller, Secretary

The BPG was founded in the mid-'90s, and we have members from KY, TN, VA, OH, IN, IL, and other states. Our membership includes both professional and amateur pyro enthusiasts who get together 8-10 times a year for meetings / shoots / seminars / safety trainings. We welcome anyone who is interested in the art of fireworks.

Carolina Pyros, Inc.

Mike Russell

We are a not for profit social club whose sole mission is to share our passion for fireworks with others. We provide opportunities for pyro enthusiasts to work with and learn from some of the best professionals on the East Coast. Spending time together in the field with others that share the passion is priceless. The pyro brotherhood is real!

Crackerjacks, Inc.

Jeff Kline, President

The Crackerjacks was established in 1976 as a club for fireworks enthusiasts. The club is based in Virginia. However, our members hail from all up and down the East Coast and as far away as Washington. Crackerjacks members run the gamut from world class pyrotechnic professionals to the avid spectator. We have 3 shoots each year along with competitions, seminars and other special events.

Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (FPAG)

FPAG Board

The Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (FPAG) is a group of fireworks enthusiasts and professionals that practice and promote safety in fireworks, as well as safely building and displaying fireworks. We meet each month at locations around Florida to share information, demonstrate techniques and best practices, and hang out with other pyrotechnic-minded people. We also have Spring (2F) and Fall (4F) festivals.

Heartland Pyrotechnic Arts Association

Rob Berquist, Secretary

Heartland Pyrotechnics Association, Inc., (HPA) is a non-profit organization started in 1988 by individuals that love fireworks. HPA encourages the safe use, and legal use of fireworks through the sharing of knowledge. Membership is comprised of many facets - fireworks enthusiasts, professionals, and people that simply just enjoy watching fireworks. HPA operates mainly in Tri-State area of northern IN, but has shoots in southwest MI and the mid-northern IL areas. HPA offers a safe and legal way to display all types of fireworks.

Iowa Pyrotechnic Association (IPA)

Charles Yedlik, President

A Non-Profit Organization dedicated to safe, legal and artistic pyrotechnic operation within the state of Iowa and surrounding states. The club aids the development of its membership through training, demonstration and the exchange of information. The IPA holds bi-monthly meetings, sends out a newsletter to members and holds several club shoots each year including the annual, community co-sponsored "Boomtown – TNT on 218" event in Vinton, Iowa.

Junior Pyrotechnics Association (JPA)

Patrick Wandersee

The JPA is composed of young adults and children whose parents are PGI members. JPA members, ages 6 to 17, gather at the PGI Convention where they hold their own seminars and activities and present a fireworks display.

Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians (KCAP)

The Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians, better known as KCAP, is a group of fireworks enthusiasts in the Kansas City area. We pool our resources, share our knowledge and experience, and shoot fireworks legally far more often than just on the Fourth of July. We recently incorporated our club and are welcoming new members to join us. We hold 4-5 club events throughout the year where our members can get together and socialize as well as shoot fireworks.

Michigan Fireworks Club (MFC)

Joshua Edwards (President)
Phone 734-644-6276

MFC is a club for fireworks enthusiasts. Our mission is to teach people to use fireworks in a safe manner and learn how to create fire art. We are a club in Belleville,MI. We service the Detroit Metro Area.

Michigan Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (MPAG)

Robert Kesling
John Svinicki

MPAG was incorporated in January 1999, with the express purpose of providing the Michigan fireworks enthusiast an opportunity to share their love of energetic artistry with others of like mind. MPAG members include shell builders, professional shooters, package art collectors, pyro-choreographers and people who just plain like to watch fireworks. MPAG publishes a newsletter quarterly, hosts multiple shoots throughout the year and hosts a full service, fully featured website.

Mid-Atlantic Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (MAPAG)

MAPAG Board of Directors

MAPAG is a fireworks club for hobbiest fireworks builders in the Mid-Atlantic region. It is modeled after other builder-oriented fireworks clubs, such as the Florida Pyrotechnics Arts Guild (FPAG), the Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (WPAG), and the Michigan Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (MPAG). MAPAG meets the last weekend each month, April through October, in rural Orange County, VA.

Midlands Pyrotechnic Association (MPA)

Ken Kruse

The MPA is a geographically diverse multi-state club with members from South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. They are roughly centered in Eastern Nebraska. They host weekend shoots throughout the year at several locations in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. During these events MPA members are able to manufacture and shoot fireworks in a safe and legal setting.

Missouri Pyrotechnics Association (MO Pyro)

Steve Hall

MoPyro was founded to give fireworks enthusiasts in Missouri and Illinois a local club. We promote the safe, sane and legal use of fireworks. The club is filled with members from the interested novice all the way to owner operators and past PGI Grand masters.

National Fireworks Association

Nancy Blogin, (816) 741-1826

The NFA's mission is to work diligently to ensure that the Fireworks Industry is regulated in a fair and sensible manner. The Association was established to serve the members, no matter whether a company or an individual. The NFA promotes the safe use of fireworks in all sections of the industry.

New Hampshire Pyrotechnics Association (NHPA)

John Mathers

The NHPA is a New England based Club dedicated pyrotechnis training and to the safe, artful and lawful use of pyrotechnics. Our members are from NH, MA, ME, VT, CT, RI, NY, NJ, PA, MD, and VA.

Northeast Ohio Pyrotechnics Group (NEOPG)

Steve Huesdash

The purpose of the Northeast Ohio Pyrotechnics Group shall be to promote and encourage the safe, legal, and artful pyrotechnic operation throughout the Northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania areas through training, demonstration, and exchange of information.

Northern Lighters Pyrotechnics, Inc.

Paul Marchio, President
Jean Wandersee, Secretary
Tom Niesen, Membership

Northern Lighter Pyrotechnics, Inc. is a Minnesota based non-profit corporation formed for the purposes of promoting the safety, skill and artistry in pyrotechnics through education, research and providing the public with opportunities to enjoy well presented firework displays. We are one of the oldest all-volunteer fireworks clubs in the United States with formal incorporation dating to 1977.

Northern Lights Pyrotechnic Club (NLPC)
PO Box 641
Sherman, CT 06784

Joe Carpanzano, President

The NLPC is a New England based club and their membership spans the North East and Mid-Atlantic regions. Their mission is to promote a safe and legal passion, more commonly known as the pyrotechnic arts. Envisioned in 2006 and formed in 2007, the club has enjoyed steady growth the past few years. From their humble beginnings as a group of strangers shooting fireworks on a beach, they have grown into a tight knit group of friends bound by a common love.

Northwest Pyrotechnics Association

Jon Salzman, Secretary - 206-650-3415

Formed in late 2010, the NPA is the culmination and determination of various northwest groups/professionals and the successor to the NorthWest Pyrotechnic Arts Association (NWPAA). In many ways, the NPA and NWPAA are one in the same. We hope to bring back what was an active community, share our knowledge through educational classes and hands-on activities.

Ohio Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (OPAG)

Bo Domescik, President

The Ohio Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (OPAG) began in 1997 when a group of interested PGI members met to discuss the possibility of forming a club in Ohio. We're a small group, with members mainly from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. New members are welcome!

Ozark Pyrotechnics Guild

Shawn Duckett, President

We are a fireworks club with headquarters in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, with members in MO, AR, and TN. We started this group because there were no clubs in our area and we wanted to bring the love of fireworks together with our desire to build, shoot, and teach the safety of fireworks.

Pennsylvania Pyrotechnic Artists (PA Pyros) -->

Howard Fry, President - (814) 659-7201

The Pyro Artists is a non-profit organization that provides its members a means to use and enjoy fireworks legally and safely, to share their experience and further their pyrotechnic knowledge. We are a small, personable group, with most of our members living in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. We welcome anyone who is interested in promoting and practicing the responsible use and enjoyment of the various forms of the pyrotechnic arts.

Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas (PAT)

Nick Sainz, President

The Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas (PAT) club was formed in 1997 and it's mission is to promote the safe use and enjoyment of all types of pyrotechnics. We offer training and state approved signoff programs in the use of 1.3G fireworks as well as family involvement with 1.4G material. We have members with Texas manufacturer's licenses who offer classes in shell and rocket construction. We meet three times a year with events in North, Central, and South Texas. Our gatherings consist of seminars in the assembly of fireworks, setup of fireworks displays, safety techniques for operation, safety demos, and additional activities. PAT also provides family's the opportunity to enjoy fireworks with their children.

Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Guild

Steve McDanal, President

RMPG is a growing non-profit organization formed in 1999 to encourage the safe, artistic and legal use of fireworks through education. We host 9 or more shoots, plus PGI Display Operator Certification courses and meetings each year. Our members are fireworks enthusiasts, professionals and creative individuals from Colorado, New Mexico and other western states.

Salt Lake Area Pyros

Dan DeWees, 904-714-8637
Bruce Beck, 801-359-0220

SLAP is a group of pyrotechnic enthusiasts located primarily in the Salt Lake Area of Utah, which has active members in Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Their focus is promoting the safe use and handling of fireworks, and encouraging the talented people within the group to enhance their displays. Whether you're a lifetime enthusiast or new to the hobby, check them out.

Stumptown Shooters

Mark Woodburn

"Organically generated" is the best way to describe how this club came to be in the mid 1990's. A rather unorthodox and informal group of smoke-smellers from across Iowa and surrounding states that will go just about anywhere to shoot fireworks, the Stumptown Shooters Pyrotechnic Club of River Junction, Iowa is dedicated to furthering pyrotechnic safety and artistry while educating the public, the media, code enforcement officials and legislators on the safe and legal uses of fireworks. The Stumptown membership strongly supports the PGI Display Operator Certification Program. Many of its members are certified trainers and the group holds PGI Certification courses several times a year. Please check our website for details on classes and general information on "all things pyro".

Tennessee Fireworks Association

Ernest Clevenger, (615) 292-8385

The Tennessee Fireworks Association is a member drive association organized in 2007 as a 501 (c) 6 nonprofit corporation, registered in Tennessee and is dedicated to the advancement of fireworks use and safety in Tennessee. All fireworks personnel working with retailers, seasonal retailers, display providers, distributors, manufacturers, operators, contractors, hobbyists, municipalities and schools are invited to be members of the Tennessee Fireworks Association.

Utah Pyrotechnics Association

Bob Pierson

We are a fireworks club serving the State of Utah.

Western New York Pyrotechnic Association

Bill Kirsop, President

WNYPA was formed in 1992 and incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 1995. The organization is composed of shooters from various companies, distributors, manufacturers, importers, display company owners, and people who "just love fireworks"! Our main objectives are to teach, to learn and to have fun, safely. Our meetings are held the second Thursday of the Month, usually in Orchard Park, NY. We strive to have 3-4 family style fireworks picnics each year. For more information, feel free to contact us!

Western Pyrotechnic Association (WPA)

Dennis Miele, Secretary

The Western Pyrotechnic Association (WPA) is a large non-profit group of fireworks professionals and hobbyists. We are banded together to promote the enjoyment of fireworks of all types and encourage their safe and legal use. We have two gatherings per year, the Western WinterBlast in Lake Havasu City, AZ over President's Day Weekend; and Do-It, held in Hawthorne, Nevada in September.

Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (WPAG)

Katherine Anderson, Secretary

The WPAG holds at least four meetings or shoots a year. All or our meetings and shoots are held at a permanent shoot location in central Wisconsin about 20 miles east of Wausau. Format is generally hands-on seminars and manufacturing on Friday and Saturday with a business meeting in the late afternoon on Saturday followed by a pot-luck meal. We conclude with several hours of open 1.4G and 1.3G shooting after dark on Saturday. The WPAG also offers shooter training using the PGI's Display Fireworks Shooter Certification course in April each year.

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