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1.75" Premium Purple Fiberglass Mortar (Single Tube)
1.75" Premium Purple Fiberglass Mortar Tube (Single Tube) All premium tubes are 12.5"in..
1.75" Premium Purple Fiberglass Mortar Tubes (6-Pack)
1.75" Premium Purple Fiberglass Mortar Tubes (6-Pack) All premium tubes are 12.5"in len..
1.75" Premium Purple Fiberglass Mortar Tubes 50ct Case
1.75" Premium Purple Fiberglass Mortar Tubes 50ct Case All premium tubes are 12.5"in le..
10 Inch Missile 4pk
Giant 10 inch missiles fly high into the sky with tremendous force! See for yourself with 4 pieces p..
1500 Gram Pro Series Finale Box #2
For optimal performance Light all three cakes simultaneously to unleash Golden tail comets in a V fo..
1500 Gram Pro Series Finale Box #3
For optimal performance light all three cakes simultaneously to unlock a V pattern of glittering gol..
1500 Gram Pro Series Finale Box #4
Line each item up as pictured on outer case as ABC and light all 3 items simultaneously for 72 total..
3 Minutes Till Dawn
The police have been called and are on the way! You now have 3 minutes counting down as you light th..
4 Finger Joe's 4pk Assortment Box
(Drunken Text)  4 finger Joe don’t hold his liquor very well! WTF is he trying to say?..
5 Inch Fancy Tail Canister Shells 12pk
Another professional level effect by Dominator Fireworks! Make your shells stand out from all the re..
Absolute Dominance Assortment Box
This box is absolutley loaded! Shells, cakes and roman candles! ..
$499.99 $399.99
Adjustable Velcro Ball Cap OMG Fireworks
OMG Fireworks Custom Ball Cap This 5-panel cap has mesh mid and back panels for superior ven..
Americas Got Fireworks (30 Shots)
And the winner is…OMG Fireworks! 30 Shots - Brocade crown with red tails to golden willow to ..
Angels Kiss
Angel’s Kiss fountain features red, yellow & blue crackling with red & blue pine needl..
Apocalyptica 300 Shots
The end of the world as we know it. Apocalyptica brings 300 shots sweeping rapid fire of colorful cr..
Armored Eagle 54 Shots
Big breaks in palmtree formation, brocade crown to golden crackling together with whistles and comet..
Assorted Color/Black Snakes (Glow Worms) 6ct Box
Just light and watch as all the twisting night crawlers emerge from the ground! Each box contains 6 ..
Bang Bang
8 HUGE double break shells of amazing effects! After you shoot this youll be wishing you bought more..
Battle of Colors
An old classic with a throwback label but there is a reason this one has returned! 36 Shots of assor..
Beanie Hat Embroidered OCFireworks
• 100% acrylic • Made in the USA of imported yarn   ..
Beanie Hat OMG Fireworks
• 100% acrylic • Made in the USA of imported yarn   ..
Ben Franklinstein
23 Shots - Red green wave with crackle chrys, purple yellow wave with crackle chrys, Brocade mine bl..
Beyond The Stars 9 Shot 6pk Assortment
Assorted effects including: white strobes, red with white strobes, green with white strobes, titaniu..
Boomer Tank 12ct Display Box
Boomer Tank 12ct Display Box The classic toy! Our tanks are top performers and have great graphic..
Brothers Neon Sparklers 18" 5pk
Super brig​ht neon colors! 18" long for maximum safety and long duration. Effects: gold spar..
Burning Man Stick Fountain 4pk
Gold and silver showers of sparks featuring green pearls with crackling! ..
Buzzer Beater
Extremely LARGE breaks of Titanium gold palm with glitters and chrysanthemums and changes color per ..
Change My Mind
Its not like we are trying to convince you that the earth is flat and moon landing was a hoax?! Ther..
Chicken Blowing Balloon 12pk Display Box
Giving out Whistling and Blow the Balloon at the Back. ..
Civil Unrest
After spreading the OMG-19 Fireworks virus upon the world panic has resulted in Civil Unrest! 16 sho..
24 Shots - Red tail to red pearls with white strobe watterfall. Blue tail to brocade crown with blue..
Color & Parachute (Daytime Use)
19 Beautiful parachutes with colorful smoke tails will fill the daytime sky! This is intended for da..
Color Smoke Fountain 5pk
Over 1 minute of heavy vibrant smoke come in 5 different colors Yellow/Blue/Green/Purple/Red ..
Crackling Whips 12pk
A chinese tradional item, 12pcs of whips with loud crackle! ..
Crackling Whips Display Box 20/12
A chinese tradional item, containing 20 bags of 12 whips with loud crackle! ..
Crazy Karen
Every neighborhood has a crazy Karen nearby… This is sure to bring them out of their houses! ..
Cry Baby
7 Shots featurning blue with crackle mines. Great for gender reveals! ..
Cuckoo Fountain 6pk
Red, green, gold and white changing showers of glittering sparks with loud whistles. ..
An awesome ultra value compact 500G cake with 8 shots featuring glitter and strobing breaks! ..
Deadly Gaze 5" Canister Shells 24pk
24 Assorted effects featuring some of the best effects on the market today! Neons, spiders, lace, ch..
Dont Panic Fountain
Titanium silver flower and red flash to golden sunflower with blue pearl crackling with red flash. S..
Dream Time 12ct Jumbo Sparkler Assortment
12 Pack contains an assortment of 16" 24" and 28" gold sparklers! ..
Eco Torch 8pk
New eco designed torch sparklers make these safe for the environment while providing loads of fun fo..
Eco Torch Display Box 144ct
New eco designed torch sparklers make these safe for the environment while providing loads of fun fo..
Executive Order
As I stand before this great nation tonight, I am here to inform everyone that OMG Joe has just..
A firework so good it spreads 42 shots across an entire country! With vertical and fanned effects in..
Fat Boy Canister Snaps 20ct Box
These are not you average snaps... these are snaps redefined, with new updated packaging for safety!..
Fat Boy Canister Snaps Display Box 24/20
These are not you average snaps... these are snaps redefined, with new updated packaging for safety!..
9 Shots Yellow palm to yellow, purple and chicken blood red with sky blue, green and red strobes. Ye..
Fire Bug
We all got a little firebug in us… Its all good just light the fuse! 16 Shots - Red spider wi..
Garden In Spring
7 shot Garden In Spring A long time favorite, starts with a fountain and then ends with 7 aerial&nbs..
Genetically Modified
OMG Joe has done it again but this time he created something not of this world! 16 Shots of red come..
Ghost Mine
30 Shots - An amazing three color changing mine that you only see in professional shows. Each mine w..
Giant Smoke Balls 12ct Box
Featuring 12 large yellow, green, purple and blue smoke balls. Long lasting duration of very bright ..
Glitter Spectacular
24 Shots - Brocade crown and gold titanium coco palms with blood red and white strobes, sizzlin..
Go Freak
25 Shots of crackling color tail, strobing mines to pink and orange pearls with crackling! ..
Go Fury
25 Shots - Barrage after barrage of blue mines to crackling spiders with blue pearls! ..
Go Maniac
27 Shots Fast crackles to colored palms, loud and fast! ..
Golden Twist 10" Sparklers 96ct
Golden Twist 10" Sparklers featuring a great duration of beautiful golden sparks! 96 total spar..
Got Dem Fangs (30 Shots)
These fireworks so good it’ done knocked yo grill out, now you got dem fangs! 30 Shots - Green..
Got That Thang
I told you once bro, don’t touch me! Now you got hit with 21 shots: Green strobe mine with gre..
Green 25s
25 Shots of green dahlias to super nishiki willows with fill the sky while raining down slowly! ..
Ground Bloom Brick 72/Ct
Ground Bloom Brick 72/Ct Always a favorite! These items spin rapidly on the ground making a flowe..
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Happy Campers
What in the meths going on in here! Never mind the funny smells and random smoke rings jus..
Happy Fish
16 - Shots Here fishy, fishy... This school of fish fills the sky with Blue, Red and Green fish! ..
Happy Hour Sparklers 4pk
Mixed shape sparklers including hearts, stars and more! Over 11 Minutes of sparklers in each box!..
High Light
Lots of green effects in this long lasting fountain that lights up the leaf shaped window at the end..
Holy Shit
Step aside and let OMG Fireworks show you how to contain the demons! 45 shots - Red comet tail ..
Horn Pub
Welcome to the pub where anything goes! Make sure you’re a good tipper or you will be sent hom..
Hot Wheels
Large multi driver wheel spins rapidly on the ground with silver tail to silver fountain to gold fou..
Insane Asylum
Breaking news - OMG Joe has escaped the sanitarium, He is now on a mission to revolutionize firework..
Is Good!
16 Shots - Gold crown to Red, Blue with White strobes. ..
Its A Boy 25 Shots
Blue mines up to blue pearl breaks! Great for general fireworks shows or gender reveals! ..
Its A Girl 25 Shots
Pink mines up to pink pearl breaks! Great for general fireworks shows or gender reveals! ..
12 HUGE shots of flower crowns with glitter makes you feel like you hit the jackpot! ..
Jam Session
16 Shots of chrysanthemum mine blast to red, green and blue with white strobe, chrysanthemum mine bl..
Kickin Chicken
We get it… you probably underestimated the size of this but your about to get your ass kicked..
Lacey Liberty
25 Fanned shots launch 5 at a time with thick comet tails, strobing mines and big breaks with the so..
Lady Finger Firecrackers 40/40 Brick
Link Triad brings you a classic high quality firecracker brick from the past! Brick contains 40 pack..
Lights Out (30 Shots)
Its time to get the juices flowing and get this party started…any last words?! 30 shots - Whi..
Lights, Camera Action 445 Shots Finale Box Set
Lights: The backyard will light up tonight with 129 shots followed by a thunderous finale! Camera..
Love & Peace
Almost 2 minute duration! Gold spring and gold flower with blue. ..
Mad Ox Double Breakers 12pk
Mad Ox Fireworks has done it again with double the booms! 12 Shells with 24 multi-color, multi-effec..
Mad Ox Firecrackers 100s Brick
Mad Ox Firecrackers 100s Brick 20 strips of 100 crackers. ..
Mad Ox Firecrackers 200s Brick
Mad Ox Firecrackers 200s Brick 10 strips of 200 crackers. ..
Mad Ox Firecrackers 50s Brick
Mad Ox Firecrackers 50s Brick 40 strips of 50 crackers. ..
Magic Crystals 4pk
Magic Crystal - Spins on the ground with sparks then launches into the air giving off silver sparks ..
Magic Wands 20" Sparklers Bundle 54ct
Magic Wands 20" Sparklers Bundle 54ct Beautiful golden sparks with a long lasting duration! ..
Mammoth Day Parachute 4pk
Giant 40" Parachute For Day Time Use. Make Sure To Chase It and Dont Let It Get Away! ..
Mega Crackling Balls 3pk
Super loud crackling with a huge break! ..
Time rain featuring green tails to colorful bees, silver tails emits silver fly fish and blue pearls..
30 shots – Machine gun shots of crackle mines with red comet tails to color coco shells. A fas..
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Midnight Howler
20 Shots - Goose whistling with chrysanthemums, red strobe with green leaves, purple, blue with whit..
Mind Of A Madman (30 Shots)
As a peek behind the curtains is the mind of a madman pushing the boundaries with each and every fir..
Monkey Around 8ct Can
Multicolor emoji face ground spinners ending with a poof of color smoke! ..
Mosquitos 24/6 Display Box
Ball of light flying high into the sky with a zipping, zinging sound! Box contains 24 packs of 6 ..
Mosquitos 6pk
Ball of light flying high into the sky with a zipping, zinging sound! ..
Neon Power Surge
156 Shots - Red tip sizzling, green tip sizzling, blue tip sizzling, silver tail whistle, time ..
Never Ending Fountain
Red and green pearls. Purple green white flowers. Blue fountain With silver showers. Red wi..
New York Sunrise
10 Shots - Brocade crown with white strobe, gold coco with green strobe. ..