Wholesale Fireworks Brown Crew Case 12/1

Wholesale Fireworks Brown Crew Case 12/1
Brand: Badaboom Fireworks
Availability: Discontinued
Price: $93.96

Paulie 2 Times

A break out shots of golden tail to red coconut spice up the show with another gold break transforming into green coconuts, adding to the heat. To set your mouth on fire. The breaks are repeated eight fold. 

On The Lamb

20 shots of crackling chrysanthemum flood the sky repeatedly, talking you for the ride of your life.

Friend Of Ours

Twelve shots of vibrant yellow transform into red, green and blue respectively. Then eight shots of magnificent purple stars and scatter crackle echo off the clouds. For and unforgettable finale, crackling tails complimented by yellow stars containing scatter crackling complete this masterpiece. 

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