Washington State Fireworks Laws


Specifically permitted As defined by DOT not specifically prohibited (see below) unless prohibited by local ordinance.
Specifically prohibited Firecrackers, skyrockets, salutes, chasers, and bottle rockets.
Selling period Noon June 28 to 9 pm July 5 and Noon December 27 to 11pm Dec. 31
Discharge period Noon June 28 – 11pm July 5 and 6pm December 31 to 1am January 1
Sales State Fire Marshal shall prepare an annual list of permitted items. Sales locations and safety precautions specified in law. Employee’s minimum age 18 years. Sales prohibited to persons under 16 years of age.
License Apply to State Fire Marshal for General Display License ($50 fee). General state license authorizes displays when accompanied with a local permit.

Display permit

State license required for local permit. Apply for a permit from local authority at least 10 days prior to display date.
Insurance Required. Amount of bond or insurance shall not be less than $50,000 and $1 million for bodily injury liability for each person and event respectively, and not less than $25,000 for property damage for each event.
Operator State license required, apply to State Fire Marshal. Written exam and evidence of qualifications and experience (participation in at least 6 shows) required, $10 fee. Two experienced operators required per display. Safe display techniques specified in law.
MANUFACTURE Requires licenses from State Fire Marshal and ATF. Manufacturing license application and fee ($2,000) must be submitted by Jan. 31 of year to be licensed.
STORAGE of 1.3 Requires permit from State Dept. of Labor and Industries, and local and ATF. Local approval requires compliance with uniform building code, uniform fire code and local ordinances.
TRANSPORTATION Must comply with federal and state hazardous materials transportation laws and driver requirements. Delivery of fireworks into this state from another state requires the shipper to have an importer license issued by the State Fire Marshal. Delivery of fireworks requires transporter to verify the recipient has a fireworks license issued by the SFM. Importer license requirements do not apply to common carriers or to international or domestic carriers engaged in interstate commerce.
LICENSING OF RETAIL STAND State licenses required annually; apply to State Fire Marshal. License valid for the calendar year for which license application is made, through January 31 of the subsequent year. Local permits also required, local fee may not exceed $100. Retailer can only purchase from Washington state licensed wholesalers.
Other licenses issued by the State Fire Marshal:
Importer License application and fee ($1,000) must be submitted by January 31st of year to be licensed.
Wholesaler license application fee of ($2,000) must be submitted by January 31st of year to be licensed.


Washington State Patrol, State Fire Marshal’s Office
General Administration Building
P.O. Box 42642
Olympia, WA 98504-2642


WA State Law, Ch. 70.77, WA Admin Codes, Ch. 212-17-01-001 et seq.