Talon Electric Igniters 1-Meter Wire Lead 100/ct Box

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Talon Electric Igniters 1-Meter Wire Lead 100/ct Box

Remotely fire your next show just like the pro's do!

The Talon Igniter Clips are the most reliable method in the market for igniting standard Visco fuse - hands down. This is due to their unique "spool and wrap" technology that guarantees the maximum surface contact of the burning filament to the fuse. Each clip is legal to own since they are non-pyrogen compared to traditional e-match.

Talon igniters clip on to the visco safety fuse of any consumer firework. They do not contain any pyrotechnic material meaning that Talon igniters are safe and reliable to use with your wireless firing system. Talon igniters are one time use only and must be discarded after use.

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