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36 Shot 4pc Assortment Love/Sweetie/Twinkle/So Hot
Love: 9 shots time rain with golden tail. Sweetie: 9 shots white glitter. Twinkle Twinkle: 9 s..
5 Inch Pyro Packed Canister Shells 24pk
Dont let the size of the package fool you, inside there is 1440 grams of firepower in this box! Come..
$113.99 $99.99
American Series Assortment 4/Pk
American Series is a 4-cake 500-gram multi-shot assortment that offers a variety of effects includin..
Artificial Satellite 12pk
Artificial Satellite 12pk The satellite spins on the ground, then flies away leaving a trail of g..
Bella's Box
Every now and then OMG Fireworks will show off their softer side. This beautiful 25 shot colorful fa..
Big Bees 6/Pk
This great helicopter item spins up to 50 ft with a bright silver tail and then ends with a colorful..
Based on 3 reviews.
Cobra Kiss
The ultimate 3 layer cake! 2 layers of chrysanthemum mines up to crackles with chrysanthemum on the ..
Cock Block
Don’t be such a Cock Block, sit down, shut up and put on your seatbelt for this ride...70 high..
Demons Fury 220 Shot Zipper
220 Shots of red, white, and blue stars zip back and forth across the sky at a medium pace t..
Based on 1 reviews.
Devil's Fury
The Devil's Fury will be unleased on the night sky with 9 big shots of a Jellyfish effect. It fe..
Based on 1 reviews.
Dominator XL Cracker 3pk
WARNING EXPLOSIVES! Looks like a bundle of 12" dynomite sticks! Sold as 3 per pack. ..
Double Nuke
OMG Fireworks is back at it again and this time they are dropping bombs! Don’t be fooled by th..
Double The Fun (24 Breaks!)
24 breaks! Absolute best value with 24 huge breaks in one cake. ..
Excalibur Platinum 5" Canister Artillery Shells 24ct Kit
Contains 24 unique 5" shells Breaks over 250ft high and 200ft wide HDPE tubes for unsurpa..
Free Energy
Featuring 10 shots of white tails to massive red, green, purple and yellow peonies with a 3 shot var..
Frog Prince Fireworks 6/pk
It's a Frog! No Warts Or Worries Here...Just Smoke, Sparks and Fun! Emits Red and White Glitt..
Galactic Glitter
24 shots light up the galaxy with bright spinning tails to neon color bursts from giant breaks! ..
Grim Reaper - 60g Canister Artillery Shells 12/Pk
Grim Reaper - 60g Canister Artillery Shells 12/Pk 12 shots - You have seen the others Now see the..
Based on 6 reviews.
High Falutin
High Falutin features impressive breaks and puts on a great display with a duration of 60 seconds. E..
High Riser
Beautiful Pro Level effects! 42 shot fan shape featuring whistles to colorful waterfalls... An aweso..
Hot Rod
49 shots of pure awesome! Glitter, strobes, whistles with finale oh my!  ..
Light It Up
Red/green/blue dahlia:lemon/blue crackling:brocade crown with red glitter. ..
M-150 Salute 12/Pk
M-150 Salute 12/Pk Loudest legal salute on the market! ..
Based on 5 reviews.
M-150 Salute 36/Pk
M-150 Salute 36/Pk Loudest legal salute on the market!   ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Mad Cow Mini N.O.A.B.
The only thing mini about this baby 9 shot is its size but not the performance! 9 Large 1.25"..
Mammoth Series Assortment 4pk
This Should Be Another World Wonder ! All Of The Biggest, Badest 500gm Monsters in One..
Based on 2 reviews.
Mammoth Strobe White
10 Shots - You will not believe your eyes! This item fills the sky with hundreds of bright white bli..
Mammoth Sun Ring 10 Shot
Mammoth Sun Ring 10 Shot Living up to the Mammoth name is the newest in the series. Giant breaks ..
Mega Mini
Mega Mini 96 Shots setting a new standard in 200g cakes. This mini 96 shot Z-cake sets a new stan..
Based on 1 reviews.
54 Shot 500g cake 1-24 shots red dahlia w/white glittering; blue dahlia w/white glittering; lemon..
Neon Skies XL Canister Shells 24ct Kit
24 Professional Effects   1. Blood red and white glitter with sea blue 2. White brocad..
Based on 4 reviews.
Nishiki Blast 5" Canister Shell 6pk
The famous nishiki kamuro golden willow effect that everyone is after has finally arrived! Currantly..
Based on 1 reviews.
OMG Premium Ball Shell Assortment Bundle 3pk
OMG Premium Ball Shell Assortment Bundle 3pk Premium OMG Ball Shells assorement. A high quality p..
$59.97 $29.99
One Bad Mother
One Bad Mother Huge 16 shot gold willow multi-blooming crackling flowers make this America&r..
Based on 2 reviews.
Out Of This World
You’ll never see us coming and the abduction is inevitable with 172 Out of this World shots wi..
Ox Box 4pc Assortment
2000 grams of firepower, Four of the best 500 gram cakes all in one assortment! 64 shots total, 4..
Poker Face Fountain
Poker Face Fountain It never changes expression! Eyes and Mouth strobe brighty, and the colo..
Pyro Fury
205 Shots of extreme excitement. This item features fast zipper shots as well as a huge fan shell bu..
Based on 1 reviews.
Pyro Party Bag 70pc Assortment
Be The Highlight of The Party ! Contains Over 20 Pieces of Pyro Power ! ..
Based on 4 reviews.
Race Car Fireworks 2/pk
Team Dominators Race Car 2 Pack is so Fast All You Will See is Sparks and Flames as They Wizz by ! ..
Reaper Drone
19 Shots of hard hitting chrysanthemums with red and green glitter and crackling flowers with huge 4..
Based on 2 reviews.
Riders In The Sky
Crackling palm with red strobe, golden strobe willows with blue stars. Lemon and purple with gold ch..
$69.99 $58.99
Rip Rock Roll 220 Shots
220 Shot- Very popular! A fast zipper style cake with lots of color and noise. This one is sure to b..
Silken Sky
16 Shots fill the sky with bright colored peony followed by our beautiful silk lace effect. This uni..
Based on 1 reviews.
Skull Crusher
16 Shots of brocades with tips changing to blue, red, and green, with silver chrysanthemums. Thi..
Sky Dancer
Silver palm red strobe, silver spinning red comet tail; silver palm green strobe, silver spinning gr..
Street Fighter 4pk 500 Gram Assortment
This 4 pack of 500 gram cakes features:   Black Eye: Crackle tail to red peony with time ..
Texas Cowboy
Hard hitting 30 shot cake with brocade crown with blue pearl;brocade crown with white glitter;brocad..
$69.99 $62.99
The Biggest, Baddest and Brightest 6pk Assortment
6 Cakes, 16 Shots each! 1. Purple star with green glitter, blue stars with red glitter. 2. Red..
The Detonator
12 Shots -Detonator features Mega-Burst Technology to give you the biggest, hardest breaking sh..
Based on 2 reviews.
The Horror Series 75 Shot 3pk
At first you called the doctor, then a psychiatrist but then you realized there are greater forces i..
The Jaws
9 Shot 500g Cake- Red/blue and white glitterirng; water green and white glittering; lemon and white ..
Top Shelf 6 Shot Shell Kit
6 Shot - A product that lives up to its name with Mega Burst Technology ! A true performer..
Based on 2 reviews.
Top Shelf Artillery Shell Kit 12 Shot
 Top Shelf Artillery Shell Kit 12 Shot Top Shelf ushers in a new era in ball artillery. Thes..
Based on 3 reviews.
Tough Guys Twin Pack
Tough Guys Twin Pack Don't be fooled by size, these little tough guys pack a punch!  ..
Value Series 4-Pack Cake Assortment
Thats 4 Cakes Under $20.00 ! $ave Money and Get Your Show Started With This 7-Shot Assortment Pac..
Waking Evil
16 Shots. An alternating display of red tails to red peony with white strobe and green tails to gree..
Based on 3 reviews.
Wholesale Fireworks 5 Inch Pyro Packed Canister Shells 4/24 Case
Dont let the size of the package fool you, inside there is 1440 grams of firepower in this box! Come..
Wholesale Fireworks Amazing 4/1 Case
A truly amazing fountain. White chrysanthemum w/red pearls; spider net w/blue pearl; silver cracklin..
Wholesale Fireworks Friendship Pagoda Case 144/1
 Wholesale Fireworks Friendship Pagoda Case 144/1 Spins with beautiful gold sparks & ope..
Wholesale Fireworks Texas Cowboy Case 4/1
Hard hitting 30 shot cake with brocade crown with blue pearl;brocade crown with white glitter;brocad..
Willow Explosion
24 Rapid firing shots of giant nishiki willows with vibrant blue stars that fill the entire sky!&nbs..
Zoo Party
Red,green,sky blue and white strobe; Wolf howl to chrysanthemum; Purple,green,sky blue and green str..
#10 Assorted Color Sparklers (wire) 96/pk
These 10" color sparklers come in three colors (red, green, & blue) Contains 12 packages..
#10 Bamboo Crackle Sparkler 36/Pk W/FREE SHIPPING !!
Bamboo sticks for improved safety and enjoyment (no hot wires!). These sparklers burn with l..
Based on 1 reviews.
#10 Conic Cone Fountain 2pk
Yellow and Blue / Crackling / Silver Glitter with Color Pearl / Blue with Crackling ..
#10 Electric Sparklers (Bamboo) 96/pk
These 10" electric bamboo sparklers contains 12 packages of 8 sparklers, 96 sparklers total. ..
#20 Gold Electric Sparklers 24ct Bundle
Our Traditional Wire sparklers featuring an easy to light tip and long lasting gold sparks. Conta..
#8 Classic Bamboo Color Electric Sparklers 72/Pk
#8 Classic Bamboo Color Electric Sparklers 72/pk Bamboo sticks for improved safety and enjoyment ..
#8 Color Sparklers (Wire) 72/Pk
#8 Color Sparklers (Wire) 72/Pk   Wire sticks for improved safety and enjoyment. These sp..
#8 Electric Bamboo Stick Sparklers 72ct Box
The best long lasting sparklers available featuring bamboo safety sticks for safety and enjoyment. E..
#8 Gold Wire Sparklers 72/Pk
#8 Gold Wire Sparklers 72/Pk These sparklers burn with Red, Blue and Green colored sparks! Ad..
1.21 Gigawatts Fountain
This is the closest thing you'll get to a pyro flux capacitor. 1.21 Gigawatts pyro-active founta..
10 Ball China Roman Candles 6pk
These shoot ten assorted colored balls out about 50 feet they're also quiet, for those who don&#..
10 Ball Patriotic Candle Assortment Red White And Blue
10 Ball Patriotic Candle Assortment Red White And Blue 10 Balls Of Alternating Red White And blue..
Based on 1 reviews.
10 Ball Roman Candle 6pk
Classic 10 ball roman candles with crackling color pearls, 6 candles per pack. ..
10 Ball Roman Candle With Bang 4/Pk
10 BALL ROMAN CANDLE WITH BANG 4/pk Always a crowd-pleaser, our 10 Ball Roman Candle is a must..
10 Ball Starlight Roman Candles 4/Pk
10 Shot Roman Candle With Bright Color Stars and Report ! ..
10 Guns Liling Salute Roman Candle 4pk
The 10 guns liling classic 10 ball comet to salute roman candle with sure to wake the neighbors ! ..
10 Shot Rack With 3" Fiberglass Mortar Tubes
10 Shot Rack with kickstand and 3" Fiberglass Shot Tubes Tube Length - 17.75" T..
10" Ball Shell Casings 3ct Free Shipping !!
10" Ball Shell Casings 3ct Free Shipping !! These are chinese fireworks paper shell cups, al..
12 Shot Mini Artillery Shells
12 Shot Mini Artillery Shells 12 "mini" assorted Artillery Shells that go up approximat..
Based on 4 reviews.
12pc 343 Shot 200 Gram Custom Assortment
200 Gram 12pc 343 Shot Custom Assortment! Almost 7 Minutes of showtime! Includes one each of t..
16" Morning Glory Sparklers 72ct
Glorify the darkness using sparklers with three changing colors. This starts out with red colors, th..
21 Shots red dahlia and white glitter, fanned chrysanthemum flower mine to silver tiger tail, purple..
180 Shot Color Cannon
180 rapid fire shots of colorful, crackling pearls. ..
192 Proof
192 PROOF 192 Shots - Serious Strength Pyro! This long lasting cake does it all, filling the sky ..
Based on 1 reviews.
200 Shot Classic Saturn Missile
200 shot classic saturn missile send whistling crackling rockets high into the air.   &nb..
200 Shot Green Goblins
200 green shots of saturn missile terror that twist, turn high into the sky! ..
200 Shot Saturn Missile
200 shot Saturn Missile send whistling crackling rockets high into the air.     *..
21 Gun Salute
The perfect addition to your salute to America. This repeater is filled with golden willows and blue..
24 Cue Wireless Remote Firing System
Kit contains everything shown: 1 X Controller Unit With Waterproof Case. 6 X Modules With Carr..
24 Shot Adjustable Fan Rack With 1.75" Fiberglass Mortar Tubes
24 Shot Adjustable Fan Rack With 1.75" Fiberglass Tubes Select the desired angle using the w..
30 Second Colored Flame Pot
30 Second Colored Flame Pot Assorted Colors Available in assorted colors. Emits a beautiful color..
300 Shots
Prepare for an epic barrage of 300 fanned rapid fire color crackling comets, strobing tails, and whi..
3D Fireworks Glasses (1-Pair)
These have 13,500 lines giving you a more intense rainbow diffraction experience than other firework..
Based on 1 reviews.
4th July Cone
Celebrate July 4th with bright white and yellow strobe stars. ..
Based on 2 reviews.
5 Minute Smoke Stick
Giant can of thick billowing white smoke perfect for paintball smoke screen. ..
5 Star Festival Balls 6pk
Reloadable tube with six 1.2" assorted canister shells which explode into a beautiful, colored ..
5" Ball Shell Casings 1 Dozen Free Shipping !!
5" Lidu Ball Shell Casings 1 Dozen Free Shipping !! These are chinese fireworks paper shell ..