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#10 Classic Color Electric Sparklers 96/Pk
#10 Classic Color Electric Sparklers 96/pk These sparklers burn with Red, Blue and Green colored ..
#14 Golden Electric Sparklers 6pk
No.14 Electric Golden Sparklers feature high quality wire with golden sparks and long duration for m..
100 Shots
The name says it all! 100 shots of nonstop action featuring a wide variety of effects that fill the ..
16 Shot Finale 3-Pack
Red dahlia and white glitter with red tails. Blue dahlia with white glitter and blue tails. 4 shot f..
180 Shot Blast O Rama
180 Shot Blast O Rama features almost a 1 minute duration, 180 shots of rapid fire multi-color crack..
2 Minute Rub & Tug
You will soon be caught up in the night life once you light this fuse! See 63 shots of peonies, broc..
36 Shot OMG Happy
36 Shot Happy A long time favorite, 36 shells. Our bright glossy label brings new shelf appeal. 36 S..
36" Gold Celebration Sparklers 6ct
Premium gold celebration sparklers manufactured with the highest quality standards in the industry. ..
4 Cue Wireless Remote Firing System
This 4 cue wireless firing system is perfect for indoor SPFX, or for display items that are far away..
4 Inch Canister Shootin' Shells 8pk
Shootin' Shells by Pyro Packed Fireworks comes packed with 8 - 4" canister shells and 1 fib..
5 Inch Pyro Packed Canister Shells 24pk
Dont let the size of the package fool you, inside there is 1440 grams of firepower in this box! Come..
$113.99 $99.99
50 Second Firestorm
63 shots total beginning with vertical strobing tipped peonies to strobing tipped color peonies with..
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90 Second Silver Strobe 5pk
90 Seconds of pulsing, bright and blinding silver strobe! ..
900 Shot Roman Candle Rack (5 Candles Included)
High quality American made jumbo roman candle 5 point angle rack. 5x 180 shot (Blast O Rama) ro..
Not a real apocalypse but its a long lasting display or chrysanthemums and comets with lots of noise..
B3 Bomber 2pk
B3 Bombers fly high into the sky ending with a barrage of crackle! ..
Bad Kitty
Red glitter with palm pistil, green glitter with palm pistil, white glitter with palm pistil, blue p..
BBQ Party 4pk Assortment
Full color carton assortment with two premium 24 shot 500g cakes and two boxes of high quality artil..
Big Daddy 5" Canister Shells 24pk
Some of the largest breaks on the market! This kit features 24 max load assorted effects and 4 high ..
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Blue Thunder 10 Ball OMG Candle 6pk
Blue Thunder OMG 10 Ball Candles feature blue pearls with a surprise bang! ..
Bomb Squad
Brocade crown tail to  color peony. Whistling  and crackling, brocade crown tail to white ..
Bugs Bugs Bugs 24pk
Spins super fast propelling high into the sky with color assorted sparks. Tray contains 24 units. ..
Caution Dangerous
Red dahlia and white glitter with red tails. Blue dahlia with white glitter and blue tails. 4 shot f..
CBD Cronic Boom Disease
This one is intense with 25 shot fan with double crackle mines and double crackle breaks. ..
Cemetery Gates
Welcome to our world where our gatekeepers will keep a close eye on you as we lay you down to sleep...
Chick Stick Pink Smoke 2pk
Gushing pink smoke with over 40 second duration! Great for gender reveal parties! ..
Chicken On A Chain
A 12 shot 500 gm cake. This cake features huge chrysanthemum single color breaks in distinct colors-..
Cloak Of Darkness
Under the cloak of darkness lies a force to be reckoned with. Even though he’s not always visi..
16 red sparkler mine, blue sparkler mine, white glitter mine, golden glitter tail, red sparkler, blu..
Comin In Hot 90 Seconds Show In A Box
90 seconds perfectly paced out 44 shots of glittering assorted color with crackle ending with a barr..
Countdown To Extinction
 The OMG meteor is heading your way! 16 assorted strobing color breaks with white glitter, all ..
Croc Bite
9 Shot Red palms tree with green storbes, green palms tree with red storbes, blue palms tree with si..
Crush City
42 Shots of red strobe mine up to hummers; purple, green and golden chrysanthemum; special whistling..
New from Dominators Pro Level Fireworks! 42 shots! 3 shot volleys of beautiful brocade mines to broc..
Dominator Disc Assortment
An awesome little assortment that covers all the bases with smoke, snaps, party poppers, spinners an..
DOS Attack
At first glance you see a geek, a bookworm, a computer nerd, the little guy…. but never under..
Double Surprise
Showers of brilliant stars with a surprise mine. Next to a shower or beautiful pine needles again wi..
Drone Swarm
Light one fuse and watch all 8 drones fly away! ..
Echo Echo
Hide the dogs! 20 shots of SUPER loud screams to color and crackle breaks! ..
Eco Strobe 10pk
Dont be fooled by the small size because these little strobes have huge performance! Silver to green..
Eco Strobe 48ct Display Box
Dont be fooled by the small size because these little strobes have huge performance! Silver to green..
Eight Pounder Firecracker Cannonball
An 8" cannonball filled with supercharged firecrackers! ..
$19.99 $16.49
El Mucho Grande
20 shots – A large fan cake with brilliant color shells inside and large brocade burst on each..
Electro Streak Rockets 6pk
Loud whistling rocket streaks to the sky ending in a huge colorful peony. ..
Extreme Adult Pop Pops 20ct Box
Extreme Adult Pop Pops 20ct Box These are the ones everybody is after. They are dog gone good! ....
Extreme Adult Pop Pops Display Box 30/20
Extreme Adult Pop Pops Large Fuseless Firecrackers (Thunder Snaps) Each Display Box Contains 30 I..
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Fear Of The Dark 24ct Canister Shells Kit
24 Premium assorted 60g canister shells. Fear Of The Dark canister shells are the highest quality ma..
Ferris Wheel
Emits showers of colorful neon sparks while spinning. ..
Firecrackers Strip Brick 500ct
High quality firecrackers from Dragon Blade Fireworks contains 5 strips of 100 firecrackers per bric..
Forthnite BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
This is no game! A great value with big bursts and lots of variety. Purchase 1 and we will send y..
Galaxy Defender
30 Fanned shots of silver, green and red strobe with crown to crackle mines, ending with a finale of..
Gender Reveal Golf Balls 2pk
Tee off your gender reveal party with Dominators exploding powder golf balls! Dominator branded golf..
Gender Reveal It's A Boy Blue Confetti Canon 3pk
Make your gender reveal a hit while also being safe with no fire. Handheld for indoor or outdoor ..
Gender Reveal It's A Girl Pink Confetti Canon 3pk
Make your gender reveal a hit while also being safe with no fire. Handheld for indoor or outdoor ..
Ghost Shells
New professional style effect. Color changing stars sweep across the sky. Adapted from world class p..
Glow Stick Sparklers 6pk
Fluorescent glowing handle! Easy light silver titanium flower sparkler. Glow stick handle with brace..
Gold Rush
28 Shots - Double willow waterfall with blue pistil; double brocade crown waterfall with red pistil;..
Green Slow Fuse 30 Foot
Green Slow Fuse comes precut in 3' lengths, 10 pieces per bag. Burn Speed is 30 seconds per f..
Happiness Fountain 3/pk
An oldie but a goody. A staple item for every fireworks show. Small, inexpensive fountain that ..
Happy Boom Golden Dragon Eggs 6pk
Happy Boom Golden Dragon Eggs 6pk Intense crackling will provide hours or fun! contains 1 bag ..
Happy Boom Golden Dragon Eggs Display Box 24/6
Happy Boom Golden Dragon Eggs Display Box 24/6 Intense crackling will provide hours or fun! co..
Harry Beaver
500 gram Harry Beaver - 20 shot - 3D Label Purple green red plums, red green blue yellow plums, red ..
Hey Georgie
Hey Georgie, wanna see some good pyro? They say everything floats down here but come join me and I&r..
High Def
You won't believe your eyes when you light up High Def! An amazing variety of brocade crowns, fl..
High Octane
18 shots - whistles and crackle and the brightest dahlia's your gramma has ever seen. ..
High Riser
Beautiful Pro Level effects! 42 shot fan shape featuring whistles to colorful waterfalls... An aweso..
Hillbilly Ho-Down
Deep red and blue dahlias, green glitter with green glitter bouquet. Purple and blue dahlia with gre..
Hit The Lights
Golden tail brocade crown crackling to rose red, sky blue, neon orange to purple and green dahlia. ..
Hornets Nest 100 Shots (Saturn Missile)
Hear the screams and see the tails with OMG Firework's NEW 100 Shot Hornet's Nest! Features ..
Hornets Nest 200 Shots With Color Tails (Saturn Missile)
Hear the screams and see the color tails with OMG Firework's NEW 200 Shot Hornet's Nest! Fea..
Hornets Nest 300 Shots (Saturn Missile)
Hear the screams and see the tails with OMG Firework's NEW 300 Shot Hornet's Nest! Features ..
Howling Peony
Pro level performance! 25 fanned shots of howling whistle tails to colorful peony breaks. ..
Red tail crackling to blue pearl brocade crown. Green tail crackling blue palm green glitter. Whistl..
Hummer Mine Single Shot
Single shot Hummer Mines by Dominator Fireworks produce a brilliant multicolor mine with a very uniq..
Indian Chief
Ti-gold coconut tail to Ti-gold coconut & red plum,red tail to purple/green dahlia with red plum..
July's Surprise
Deliver a real surprise. A nice fountain device ends with a supercharged finale. ..
Jumping Fish
Red fish, blue fish, Silver chrysanthemum, Red sparks, green sparks, yellow sparks, blue sparks and ..
21 enormous shots of red, green, gold strobe and silver spiders with crackling palms. ..
Jurassic 4pk 36 Shot Assortment
9 Shots Purple dahlia, lemon dahlia with white strobes, skyblue dahlia, lemon dahliawith white strob..
Just Chillin BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
The only thing chill is on the label! This is one hot performer! Just add 1 to your cart and we w..
Killed By Death
16 shots of golden palms with multicolored tips. ..
King Of The Streets
Red and blue pearls to purple and green pearls to brocade crown with white strobes. Red, green and b..
Green tail up to spider king with red and green strobe; red tail up to brocade crown with white stro..
Liberty BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
Blue peony with white strobe and red plum. Purchase 1 and We Will Send You 2 ! ..
Lil Big Shots 6pk
The barnyards going crazy, all of the animals have been possessed! Elephants, bunnies, bears, dogs, ..
Loud Mouth
This loud mouth lives up to its name. Lasting over a minute with a deafening crackle and vivid color..
Magical 10 Ball OMG Candle 6pk
Magical OMG 10 Ball Candles feature high flying, premium quality red and green color pearls. ..
Maltese Rings
An exclusive from Dominator Pro level Lineup. Malta is the home to some of the best and most creativ..
Men Of Honor
Whistle on the top! Shot in groups of two, brocade crown with red strobe/gold willow with white stro..
Mighty Crackers 100ct Box
World Class Brand Mighty Crackers are made at select factories with a history of quality and perform..
Millenial Falcon Spaceship
Plastic toy spaceship that spins with showers of red green fire, spinner & red fire. ..
Mini Blaster 280 Shots
280 Shots of red, green, blue pearls and giant timerain flowers. ..
Mr. Rex
All shots with huge breaks of brocade crown, finale with brocade crown with chrysanthemum crackles. ..
Nationwide Impact
As OMG Fireworks embarks on this new journey the shockwaves will be felt across the globe with 9 pre..
Neon Eagle
9 Shot Golden crown with neon red and orange, golden crown with blue, golden crown with chrysanthemu..
Neon Fountains
Red and green with white chrysanthemum, orange and blue with white flowers, green and blue pearls, b..
Neon Goblin
9 Shots Gold tails to blood red with blue and orange dahlia, finale with blood red, blue and orange ..
Neon Strobe
Red with white strobe, blue with white strobe, chrysanthemums with red, green and blue peony. ..
Neon Thunder
25 Heavy neon color breaks with red, blue and yellow dahlia to green, purple and yellow dahlia to re..
Nervous Waters
16 shots of Red sparkler w/crackling; white sparkler w/crackling; blue sparkler w/crackling. ..