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#10 Bamboo Color Sparklers 36/Pk
#10 Bamboo sticks sparklers for improved safety and enjoyment (no hot wires!). These sparklers burn ..
#10 Xenon Sparklers 8pk
#10 Xenon Sparklers are high quality, long lasting, bright neon colored Sparklers. Pack of 8 sparkle..
#10 Xenon Sparklers 96ct Box
#10 Xenon Sparklers are high quality, long lasting, bright neon colored Sparklers. Pack of 96 sparkl..
#20 Premium Gold Wire Sparklers 6ct
Emits almost 2 minutes of beautiful gold showers of sparks. Perfect for weddings, parties and many o..
#3 Cone Fountain Assortment Pack
7" #3 Cone Fountain Assortment Pack 1. Silver snowflakes 2. Glittering gold 3. Crackl..
10 Ball Star Light Roman Candles 4pk
10 Shot Roman Candle With Bright Color Stars and Report ! ..
50 Shot Ammo Box
50 shots of color and crackle ..
6 Shot Happy
6 color shells bursting high in the air. Don't be fooled by such a small package. ..
6 Shot Rack With 1.75" Fiberglass Mortar Tubes
6 Shot Vertical Rack without kickstand and 1.75" Fiberglass Shot Tubes This heavy-duty ..
Aircraft Carrier 2/Pk
Aircraft Carrier features colorful sparks, whistle, and sends two flying items high into the air. ..
All American Artillery 3 Box Set
BOOM, NOISE and SCREAM! 3 boxes of high quality assorted artillery shells packed into one USA map..
American Party Cone
12" American Party cone fountain. Red sparks, yellow flower with blue sparks, Yellow flowe..
American Spirit Artillery Shells 6pk
6 of the highest flying, Biggest breaking 60 gram shells on the market, along with an extra high qua..
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Anti Gravity Ground Spinners 6pk
Anti gravity ground spinners, spins like a jumping jack on steroids! 6 per pack, sure to provide loa..
Anti Tank Mine
16 shots of red/green sparkler with crackling. ..
Baby Boy Blue Smoke Single Stick
Over 60 seconds burning time! Great for outdoor gender reveal parties. ..
Baby Girl Pink Smoke Single Stick
Over 60 seconds burning time! Great for outdoor gender reveal parties. ..
Big Cat
Big Cat has color & claw-like effects, like gold sparkling chrysanthemums & snow pines. The ..
Bitch Betta Have My Hunny
5 shots fanned strobe tail to red dahlia with green glittering. 5 shots of strobe tail to red green ..
Black Cat Festival Balls 6pk
Reloadable tube with six assorted shells which explode into a beautiful, colored floral bursts! ..
Black Cat Neon Wire Sparklers 5pk
Light up the night with these very special one-of-a-kind 17″ sparklers. These are definitely n..
Black Knight 20ct Canister Artillery Shell Kit
Black Knight 20ct Canister Artillery Shell Kit. These canister shells will send the devil back ..
Black Spider Firecrackers 60ct Box
Beware of the Black Spider! Packaged 60 peices per box. ..
Blackout Black Smoke Canister
Featuring a long duration of huge plumes of thick black smoke. Be sure not to get caught in the blac..
Blaster Shots 6ct Box
Red star, white strobe, green star, white strobe, brocade crown amd white strobe. ..
Blue Hurricane
Alternating flying fish and whistling tails make this a great low budget item. ..
Bones BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
12 Shots of vivid colors and noise will rattle your bones. Purchase 1 and We Will Send You 2 ! ..
Breaking News
49 shot Multi-color Crossettes. Fired in a "Z" pattern starting in the center and wor..
Bright Star Canister 18 Shell Assortment Pack
High quality classic assorted 1.2" cylinder canister artillery shells. includes six shells o..
Bright Star Whistling Canister Shells 6pk
High quality classic assorted 1.2" cylinder canister artillery shells includes six shells and o..
Brothers 6ct Artillery Shell Kit
Six powerful ball shells bursting with colorful stars, white flashes and crackling. High-quality Bro..
Brothers Artillery Shell 6ct Kit
Six powerful ball shells bursting with colorful stars, white flashes and crackling. High-quality Bro..
Brothers Premium 12ct Artillery Shell Kit
12 powerful ball shells bursting with colorful stars, white flashes and crackling. High-quality prem..
Brute Force Assortment
Time to flex those muscles with Brute Force Assortment as it packs one hell of a punch with 15 multi..
Bubble Rainbow Fountain
Fishes with different colors, vibrant neon jellybeans and colorful bubbles will amaze your eyes with..
Call Of The Wild
Wild whistles and silver fountain erupting into “HUGE” crackling stars! ..
Candle Mania
12 pack candle assortment with 3 each of 4 varied effects in nice clear bag with cardboard header. ..
Carolina Reaper
Wonderful color coconut with silver chrysanthemum flowers and white strobing star effects, Brocade t..
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Champagne Party Poppers 6pk
A must have item for any celebratory occasion throughout the year. This classic item comes in a vari..
Chemical Imbalance
Red tail to red cocnut and chrysanthemum. Green tail to green coconut and chrysanthemums. Gold tail ..
Chicken Blowing Balloon 12pk
Giving out Whistling and Blow the Balloon at the Back. ..
Color Drone Daytime Smoke Planes 4pk
Spins upwards and emits showers of sparks with color and trails of colored smoke! ..
Colour Changing Wheel
Spinning wheel changes into a rainbow of colors beginning with a green ring then adding lavender and..
Contrails Smoking Tail Roman Candle
Contrails is the first daytime use roman candle that shoots 5 flaming balls followed by very vibrant..
Cotton Mouth
18 shot fan cake, This item features a new effect we call "cotton crackle". Its a soft cra..
Crackling Artillery Canister Shell Kit 6pk
Crackling Artillery Canister Shell Kit 6pk, comes with a variety of 1.2" shells that have diffe..
Cup Of Joe
Get this big Cup of Joe! This coffee is explosive with energy and effects. Including gold titanium c..
Defender Missile 12" 4pk
High flying missiles with assorted effects and report. ..
Doggie Doo Doo 2pk
Light the fuse and watch the magic unfold! ..
Dominator XL Cracker 3pk
WARNING EXPLOSIVES! Looks like a bundle of 12" dynomite sticks! Sold as 3 per pack. ..
Double Ring Sky Rocket 4pk
Each rocket displays a double ring, artillery-style break in the sky.   Effects include:..
24 shots with volleys of GIANT brocades and complimenting strobe and falling leaves make this a prof..
Dragon Artillery Assorted Canister Shells 6pk
Everyones gotta have a box of these! 6 different 1.2" canister display shells with spectacular ..
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Dragon Artillery Crackling Shells 6pk
Everyones gotta have a box of these! 6 different 1.75" canister display shells with spectacular..
Dragons Breath
Plastic dragon fountain that produces a magical fireworks show. Assorted colors selected at random. ..
Drain Bamaged
30 Shot 200g cake- Red dahlia with white glitter, lemon dahlia with gold glitter, pigeon blood red w..
Energizer BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
Energizer BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ! Energize the night with 16 massive shots of colorful effects! Jus..
Extreme Ride
Sky blue with green glitter, silver glitter with mine to silver glitter with red falling leaves, red..
Fanatic Fireworks BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
Your fans will love the color and white strobes that fill the sky. 14 large bursting shots from a wi..
Fear Not BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
16 loud shots of willows, brocades and colorful peonies make this a display in a box with a 4 shot f..
16 shots of colorful flying fish will fill the sky! ..
Flying Bugs 10pk
Jumbo size flyers! Spins upwards while emitting showers of sparks with report. ..
Flying Piggy 3pk
Spins W/red Glow, Buzzes off  W/green / Red Lights, Ends with a Trail Shower of Silver Flowers...
Free Energy
Featuring 10 shots of white tails to massive red, green, purple and yellow peonies with a 3 shot var..
Frick And Frack
These guys may look like hillbillies, but they sure know how to put on a show. After emitting their ..
Full Charge
This fully charged fan cake will last over a minute with too many effects to list! One great show al..
Furious Flamingo
Furious Flamingo's in the sky! 12 shots of pretty pink peonies light up the sky with huge bursts..
Galactic Glitter
24 shots light up the galaxy with bright spinning tails to neon color bursts from giant breaks! ..
Galaxy Buster
Brocade crown to red sparkler and green sparkler and blue sparkler+green sparkler and golden sparkle..
Ghost Pepper
White strobe with red flower crown with blue, purple green time rain, brocade crown with blue, red c..
Ghost Pepper & Carolina Reaper Twin Pack
Carolina Reaper: Wonderful color coconut with silver chrysanthemum flowers and white strobing star e..
Giant #12 Cone Fountain
A great cone fountain with bright silver sparks to a powerful crackle and color finish. ..
Ground Zero
Head for the bunkers when this thing goes off or be frozen in time as you are in GROUND ZERO! ..
Guardian Angel
36 shots of beautiful gold willows with color strobe stars and gold chrysanthemums, red and white st..
Gyro Jet 3pk
Spins on ground, then lifts with Red / Green, ends with a HUGE big bang. ..
Halloween Pumpkin Sky Lantern
Celebrate Halloween by sending a Halloween Wish Lantern flying up into the sky. Fire retardant ho..
Happy Dinosaur 2pk
Just light the fuse on his butt and watch the magic happen! ..
Happy Lamp Small
Hang this symbol of good luck from a tree. It spins w/ beautiful gold sparks & opens into an ill..
Heavyweight 60g 12ct Artillery Shell Kit
A powerful 60 grams canister shell kit! 12 awesome different effects filled with heavy powder in the..
12 Huge shots of brocade with red strobes, green strobes and crackle! ..
Hot Rod
49 shots of pure awesome! Glitter, strobes, whistles with finale oh my!  ..
16 shots of assorted effects at a value price sure to put a smile on your face!  ..
Jack In The Box 6/pk
The Classic Jack in The Box, A Fountain With Spinners of Color and Crackle ! ..
Jaw Breaker
Crackling comets to red and silver strobing peonies with a multi-shot finale you are sure to never f..
Jr. Cuckoo Fountain 3pk
Red, green, gold and white changing showers of glittering sparks with loud whistles. ..
This cake punches a hole in the night sky with 10 big shots of color brocade and strobe. ..
Kick Ass
12 Shots of gold tail to gold willow with blue stars, gold willow with silver strobes, gold willow w..
King Of Universe 12ct Artillery Shells
12 premium 1.75" artillery shells per box. 1. Crackling and blue sparkle with tail. 2. White..
Kitty Hawk 2pk
Moves forward with whistles, then wheels on the back wings rotate, red and green crackling stars, an..
Land Of The Free BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
16 shots of palm with various pistil.  A great duration with a variety of hard hitting effects ..
Large Cuckoo Fountain (Single)
Red, green, gold and white changing showers of glittering sparks with loud whistles. ..
Large Mortar Tube 6pc Assortment
Large Mortar Tube 6pc Assortment Set includes: 1x 2" Mortar Tube 1x 2.5" Mortar T..
Led Finger Lights Assorted Colors 8pk
Create your own fingertip light show with our Finger Lights! These fun plastic finger light ring..
Legend Small Festival Balls 6pk BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ! Premium high quality top performing assorted color festival balls from Legend ..
Let It Rip
Pick up speed with sea-blue stars with gold glitter, red dahlia with gold glitter, and purple dahlia..
Little Buddies
Bug shaped ground spinners that comes with 6 PCS and spins on the ground with crackles and colors. ..
Mad Ox 10 Ball Assorted Roman Candle 6pk
Getting tired of the same ole effects....this pack features a great assortment with a variety of eff..
Mad Ox 100ct Firecracker Superstring
Mad Ox 100ct Firecracker Superstring,  High quality supercharged firecrackers by Mad Ox Firewor..
Mad Ox Firecrackers 400s Brick
Mad Ox Firecrackers 400s Brick 10 strips of 400 crackers. ..
Mad Ox Truckload 10pc Assortment
Contains 2-500 gram cakes and 8-200 gram cakes! 150 Shots, 2600 grams of firepower!  Wate..