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18 Shot Artillery Shell Assortment 3-Pack
Get the best of both worlds with this 18 shot artillery shell assortment pack! Assortment include..
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36" Jumbo Morning Glory 18Pcs W/FREE SHIPPING !
36" Jumbo Morning Glory 18Pcs W/FREE SHIPPING ! Long lasting and multi-color sparks jumbo si..
4" Assorted Fountains 3pk
4" Assorted Fountains 3pk A low cost but high performance assortment of effects! Winter,..
8" Large Fountain 4pk Assortment
Large 8" fountains will produce multiple effects with a variety of vivid and vibrant colors tha..
Armadillo Fountain
(A)Red/green/yellow sparkler; (B)Blue/purple/white sparkler; (C)Golden Chrysanthemum; (D) Long crack..
Avenger Missile 4/pk
Get ready for take-off and hear the loud flutter from the propellers as it flies high in the sky fin..
Bee's Knees
Buzz! This is the Bees’ Knees! Small but mighty! Lots of effects and power! Fountain effe..
Big Tom Thumbs (300 Lady Finger Firecrackers)
This retro pack contains (300 Lady Finger Firecrackers) is perfect for vintage firecracker coll..
Bull Whip Fountain
(A) Red/green/yellow sparkler; (B) Blue/orange/white sparkler; (C) Chrysanthemum crackle; (D) Rice f..
Camellia Flower Small Display Box 24/6
Fun little quiet ground spinners! Sparkle and emit red showers! Best buy for the money! Box con..
Cup Of Joe
Get this big Cup of Joe! This coffee is explosive with energy and effects. Including gold titanium c..
Cutting Edge Fountain Assortment 3pk
Cutting Edge Fountain Assortment 3pk Assortment contains 1 pc of each fountain... Bull whip, ..
Fairies In A Jar
No need to shake, just light the wick and watch the magic - silver flowers with red pearls - white c..
Fire Sabre Sword 2pk (Hand Held Fountain)
The Mighty Fire Sabre Sword Shoots Out Over 60 Seconds of Multi Colored&nbs..
Fool's Gold
A fantastic fountain loaded with pine blue crackling, purple pine needles with red, yellow and blue ..
Friendship Flower Fountain 4/pk
Premium box fountains with 24" high showering effects. ..
$4.99 $3.79
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Friendship Fountain 12pk
Small fountain that emits a waterfall shower of sparks and crackling. ..
Fruit Wedge Fountain Assortment 3-Pack
This vibrant 3 color fountain assortment features watermelon, kiwi and orange flavors. ..
Fuggetaboutit Fountain
Red stars and silver crackling; blue stars and silver crackling chrysanthemum; green stars and white..
Jungle Fountain
Red green blue pearls to silver spring chrysanthemum with green pearls and gold red sparkle, Gold pe..
Beautiful color fountain to crackle and color bomb shells! ..
Lava Lamp Fountain
A totally different effect! The showers include big, vibrant red, green, blue, and yellow lava dropl..
Mass Explosion
16 Mass explosions of deep red breaks with white glitter, all with brilliant white mines. Ending wit..
Mega Fountain 3pk Assortment
Fire, Ice and Lava; The most powerful forces on the planet come to life with this large 3 pack fount..
Monkey Wrench
16 hard hitting shots of bright tails to big chrysanthemums. ..
Based on 3 reviews.
Neon Rainbow
16 Gold flashing, spinning comets burst into multi-colored star bursts of green, red, yellow and gol..
Night Owl Fountain
(A) Red/green/yellow sparkler; (B) Purple/orange/white sparkler; (C) Silver crackle; (D)White pine n..
Oh Chute ! Parachute 4pk
4 tubes- The single shot parachutes are assorted in the box and will have smoke and crackle; All wil..
Prepare For Takeoff
1.white chrysanthemum, green; crackling chrysanthemum, red and green pearls ..
Pure Evil Fountain
Bright red glow with a towering silver shower of over 10' high ending with crackling dragon eggs..
Pyro Cola
Caffeine charged fountain with plenty of bubbly crackle. ..
Radical Rainbow Fountain
Vivid colors like you have never seen, in a rainbow shaped prism! ..
Rising Force BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
 BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ! 16 Shots of silver glittering tail rising up to red and blue peonies..
Skull Crusher
16 Shots of brocades with tips changing to blue, red, and green, with silver chrysanthemums. Thi..
Sliver Of Silver 8pk
Sliver of silver performs just like the pros! A super high quality silver fountain that is sure to c..
Smoke Trails (Daytime Smoke Cake)
16 Shots of vivid multi colored smoke trails to loud crackling. Great for daytime use ! Colorful ..
Smokeless Birthday Cake Candle Sparklers (SILVER) 5/Pk W/FREE SHIPPING !!
Smokeless Birthday Cake Candle Sparklers (SILVER) 5/Pk SMOKELESS AND LOW ASH !  Spice up ..
Strobing Colors 10/4 Display Box
A very bright, vibrant and long lasting high quality strobe. Display box contains 10 boxes or 4 s..
Strobing Colors 4pk
A very bright, vibrant and long lasting high quality strobe. ..
Total Dominance Assortment 46pc
Total Dominance 46pc Assortment a large-sized assortment with artillery, aerials, fountains, sparkle..
Tri Color Fountain 12/pk BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
This fountain showers red, green, and silver balls—3 to 4 feet high! Purchase 1 Pack and We..
Based on 3 reviews.
Westlake Rocket Assortment 12/Pk
An assortment of quality rockets including Color Silk, Sky Bloom, Aerial Flash, and Green Willow. Ea..
$8.79 $5.99
Wholesale Fireworks Fruit Wedge Fountain Asst. Case 36/1
This vibrant 3 color fountain assortment features watermelon, kiwi and orange flavors. ..
#10 Assorted Color Sparklers (wire) 96/pk
These 10" color sparklers come in three colors (red, green, & blue) Contains 12 packages..
#10 Bamboo Crackle Sparkler 36/Pk W/FREE SHIPPING !!
Bamboo sticks for improved safety and enjoyment (no hot wires!). These sparklers burn with l..
Based on 1 reviews.
10 Ball Crackling Roman Candle 6pk
10 Ball Crackling Candle 6/pk Each Candle Shoots 10 Shots of Silver Crackling Comets. ..
12pc 343 Shot 200 Gram Custom Assortment
200 Gram 12pc 343 Shot Custom Assortment! Almost 7 Minutes of showtime! Includes one each of t..
Backyard Pyro Party
Long Duration and Many Effects, Every Pyros Dream of the Ultimate Block Party. Light the fuse an..
Bad Ass Crackers 16,000 Wheel
Watch All Hell Break Loose and Feel The Rath of The Pyro Demon With This Roll of 16,000 Firecrac..
Bad Ass Crackers 8,000 Wheel
Watch All Hell Break Loose and Feel The Rath of The Pyro Demon With This Roll of 8,000 Firecrack..
Ballistic Bombs
Ballistic Bombs reloadable kit features 10-shells that features single, double and triple ..
Bambino Crackers (12ct Bag)
Crackle and bang up a Storm with these Mighty Little Crackers! ..
Based on 3 reviews.
Be All And End All
The Be All and End All is red, green and blue stars with silver chrysanthemums, then red dragon eggs..
Bees Escaping
Over 2 Minute Duration !Moving, squiggly stars! Peach, green, gold and purple, orange, multi-color, ..
Big Spender
Whistling with bursts of red, this novelty car is mingled with green pearls and an explosion of whit..
Blue Moon
Check out this unique new effect - gold wheat heads are accompanied by blue stars, purple stars, and..
Blue Thunder 10 Ball Roman Candles 6pk
This 10 Ball Classic Candle Lights Up The Sky With Blue Pearls To A Thundering Salute! ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Boomer Premium Artillery Shell Kit 6/pk
 6 different shells in each box. A great High level 1.2 inch Canister shell. ..
California Illegal
Can’t go over 10 ft! No explosions! Can’t go outside a 6 ft. circle! NOT!!! Huge, hu..
Based on 1 reviews.
Campfire Blue Display Box 10 Ct W/FREE SHIPPING !!
Campfire Blue Display Box 10 Ct W/FREE SHIPPING !! Toss a package into the campfire and watch the..
Champagne Bottle Party Pops Confetti 72/Ct W/FREE SHIPPING !!
Party Pops 72/Ct W/ Free Shipping !! The classic party poppers with great performance and a h..
39 Shots of very loud crackling comets to vertical chrysanthemums with crackling flowers. ..
Color Flowers Fountain
This unique guy has long duration starting with red and green zingers on the ground, to intense popp..
Color Smoke Balls 6/pk W/FREE SHIPPING !!
Color Smoke Balls 6/pk W/FREE SHIPPING !! Assorted colors made with clay cases for the best perfo..
Colorful Pine Needles
This tree like fountain starts with a mild golden colored showers growing fast to loud crackles with..
Crazy Midnight
Silver squealing pinwheels up to gold brocade with blue, or purple & green breaks. Also, crackli..
Creeping Death BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
 BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ! Add 1 to your cart and we will ship you 2! Add 2 to your cart and we wil..
Crypt Keeper 50 Shots
50 Shots in fan shape of Red tail to red stars with time rain, green tail to green stars with time r..
Death Bomb BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
 BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ! 12 Shots of blue tails rising up to gold willows and brocade crown and s..
Death Spiral
9 shots of golden bowties inside colorful rings of red,green and blue professional effects! ..
Demons Fury 220 Shot Zipper
220 Shots of red, white, and blue stars zip back and forth across the sky at a medium pace t..
Based on 1 reviews.
Dizzy Dancer BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
Dizzy Dancer Ground Spinners with 6 Color Crackling Balls - spins on the ground with 6 color crackli..
Dominator Box O Fireworks Assortment
This assortment features a wide assortment of multishot cakes, fountains, saturn missiles and even s..
Earthquake Assortment
This assortment is sure to overpower the senses and cause a visual overload much like it's natur..
Everlasting Mayhem
An everlasting fountain of crackling mayhem and vibrant colors with gold chrysanthemums. ..
Flash Frenzy
A frenzy of silver glitter, silver showers, and gold crackling with red and green stars. Then yellow..
Full Contact
7 shots - This item gets right down to business with huge bursts of crackle and willow to color. You..
Fully Loaded 16 Shot
Fully Loaded 16 Shot 16 Shots Of Red, Green, Lemon and Sky Blue With White Glitter Ending In A Fu..
Gamma Glow Sparklers 5/Pk W/FREE SHIPPING !!
Gamma Glow Sparklers 5/Pk Gamma Rays may be present with this sparkler of insane,intense neon..
General Tso
Loud breaks of red and sky blue stars with white glitter with purple and demon green stars with whit..
Half Pint Fountain BUY 1 GET 1 FREE !
Half Pint Fountain BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ! ADD 1 TO YOUR CART AND WE WILL SHIP YOU 2 ! White Glitte..
Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers 8/pk W/ FREE SHIPPING !!
These unique sparklers are shaped like a heart. When lit, the spark travels around both sides of the..
Heavy Duty
7 Heavy Duty shots of red and demon green stars with white glitter, sky blue and demon green stars w..
Hell's Shells
6 Assorted high performance artillery shells that pack a punch! ..
Based on 2 reviews.
High Voltage
8 Shots - Sparks fly with this high voltage cake, High Voltage features huge, loud bursts of strobe,..
Hostel Scream
This Will Surly Wake the Neighbors with 90 Seconds of Continuous Loud Whistles ! ...Earplugs&nbs..
Based on 1 reviews.
Hot Little Fountain
Over 10' Wide Fan Shaped Fountain Effect with over a 1 minute duration! ..
Iron Fighter
Silver squealing pinwheels up to red and silver palms, or purple and green palms. Finale of blue cra..
Killer Quad 4 Break Shell Kit 6pk
Each massive shell thumps when it leaves the tube, propelling four great effects into the sky. ..
King Slayer Artillery Shell Kit
King Slayer Artillery Shell Kit 18ct Setting a new standard for 60gm canister shells ! ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Large Night Siren 6pk
This large 10" fountain to sure to get the attention of everyone in the neighborhood ! *Pack..
Machete 9s
9 Shots ! You Will Cut Up The Competition With This Cake ! Each Burst is Bigger and Louder Than The ..
Magic Whips 6/pk
Magic Whips 6/pk W/FREE SHIPPING !! A CHINESE TRADITIONAL ITEM! 6-20" whips with loud cr..
Tall silver shower with crackling popcorn and 3 large mine effects! ..
Meteor Storm
60 Shots Meteor Storm, If you liked Dominator's Gold Storm, you will love the upgrade to Meteor ..
Mini Barrel Fountain 2/pk
You will be surprised at the big performance of these little barrels. Red and Green spray accompanie..
Mini Super Nova 12pk
Talk about the big bang theory... Mini Super Nova Artillery Shells will make your spectators think t..
Neutron Assortment
A Very Large Mixture of Aerials, Fountains and Repeaters ! ..
Orange Alert Triple Breakers 6/pk
Only for the serious, seasoned pyro ! 6 Triple breaks shells of top level performance ! ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Party World Assortment W/FREE SHIPPING !