Passfire Film Project

This section of our website has be created, designed and added to our website solely by our passion and love of fireworks. We first were introduced to Jesse and Jeremy Veverka while attending the 2013 National Fireworks Association (NFA) confrence in Souix Falls, SD. We decided to attend a one hour seminar they had prepared and what we seen had us completly amazed! The Veverka Brothers had took on the huge challange of creating a feature documentary about fireworks, the people who make them, and the cultures behind them that bind us all together. This film will set the stage and lay a foundation for generations to come. Please take a moment and watch the video below showcasing what this film project is about.



At the end of the one hour seminar i looked around the room and everyones face had a huge smile on it and the whole room was silent...because they were speechless! What we watched was a 45 minute rough cut of where the film project has been and where it was currantly at. After stepping on allmost every continent and visiting countless countries around the world the film appeared to be 50% completed. Instantly we wanted to see more and the reality was, there was no more? Not yet...The rest is yet to be filmed? After learning more about the film projects beginnings we were surprisingly informed that the entire project was donation funded and our help was greatly needed. Now on a personal note: at that time i descretly removed the money from my pocket and donated 75% of what I had in my pocket - Not that i was in the mood to give my money away but I really wanted to see the rest of the movie! Even if i had to pay my part for it! To date there is no other film that digs in as deep as Passfire has and there will be nothing left for future film makers because the Veverka Bros. really have turned over every rock on this planet! Now with that said... This would make this film a one of a kind...and we want to help and be a part of it as much as possible.

If you love fireworks as much as we do and you find this film informational and enjoyable please take a moment and support this project as much as possible.Support Passfire on Kickstarter today and get awesome rewards including DVDs, Tshirts and much more!"



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