Firework Category: Missiles

Missiles — launch into the air, sometimes with a high-pitched whistling sound, with a report (explosion) at the end.

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Pink Perfect Visco Fuse 3mm 20ft Roll
Pink Perfect 3mm Fuse 20ft Roll Burn Speed is 9.5-10 seconds per foot. DO NOT LIGHT THIS FUSE BY HAND ! This fuse is intended for triggering multiple items at once Great for chaining item..

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100 Shot Saturn Missile
100 shot Saturn missile send whistling crackling rockets high into the air with reports ! ..

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200 Shot Classic Saturn Missile
200 shot classic saturn missile send whistling crackling rockets high into the air.     ..

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200 Shot Color Tail Saturn Missile
200 Shots of whistling crackling rockets with multi-color tails! ..

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25 Shot Saturn Missile 4-Pack
25 shot Saturn Missile 4-Pack  Item contains 4-25 Shot Missiles also know as Satun Missiles send whistling crackling rockets high into the air. We even have color tail Saturn Missiles. ..

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Avenger Missile 4/pk
Get ready for take-off and hear the loud flutter from the propellers as it flies high in the sky finishing with a loud report ! ..

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Darts Single Pack
Fantastic! These small items are sure to surprise. They start as a spinner then dart off skyward with a zipping noise. PACKAGE CONTAINS 6/PCS ..

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Defender Missile 12" 4pk
High flying missiles with assorted effects and report. ..

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Europia 12" Winged Missile
Powered by heavy thrust from the large engine will send this 12" missile high into the sky! The wings on the missile are removable and for shipping purposes the wings maybe removed during ship..

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Jumbo Saturn Missile
Super size and super performance. A Saturn Missile on steroids! Sends whistling crackling rockets high into the air. ..

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Killer Skeeters (300 Shot Saturn Missile)
Not your average Saturn missile battery! 300 shots of quick paced action. Silver Tails, Whistles and Reports.     ..

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Thunder Missile 5pk
Prepare for lift off ...and then watch the thrusters kick on as this beauty glides over 75' through the air while it showers a beautifil silver glittering tail with a finale break with color and n..

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