Hot!!! 500G 3pk Assortment

Brand: Power Blast Fireworks
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Hot!!! 500G 3pk Assortment

(H) 20 shots - Silver tails to strobing tipped silver chrysanthemums. Barrage of silver tails to multicolor falling leaves, purple dalias with silver strobes. Siver crackling mines with silver sizzling tails to multicolor strobes with crackle finale.

(O) 20 shots - Red strobing tails to red, green and purple. Barrage of green strobing tails to multicolor falling leaves and bees, red strobing tails to crackling spider palms. Green strobing tails to purple and blue fish followed by a finale barrage of strobing tails and multicolor crackling chrysanthemums.

(T) 20 shots - Green tails to strobing tipped multicolor crackling chrysanthemums. Barrage of Purple and red pearls on top of beautiful silver strobing mines. Green pearls to red strobing chrysanthemums.

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