Out Of This World 4pk Assortment Case

Brand: Pyro Demon Fireworks
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Out Of This World 4pk Assortment Case

Solar Eclipse: Gold chrysanthemum mine up to gold chrysanthemum with red, green, blue, purple and cyan.

Nebula: Brocade crown, red falling leaves with blue, golden willows, green falling leaves with blue, crackle, silver fish to blue.

Sky Blast: Crackle mine up to crackling chrysanthemum mines to chrysanthemum breaks.

Meteor Shower: Whistle and twister tails up to brocade crown and green strobe with blue and white strobes with purple. Whistling tails up to gold chrysanthemums with cyan, lemon, purple and green. Brocade crown tails up to brocade crown with silver chrysanthemums.

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