Da Big Bomb Box 4-Pack Assortment

Brand: Brothers Fireworks
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Da Big Bomb Box 4-Pack Assortment

Da Big Bomb Box offers four different and amazing cakes per case. Each cake is a 36-shot destroyer with a 12-shot finale. 

Atom Bomb: A big bad blast of crackling tails to red and crackling stars and green and blue bouquets.

Hydrogen Bomb: A mushroom cloud of colored mines to multi-colored spinners with reports.

Neutron Bomb: An explosion of comet and flashing tails to bouquets, stars and flying fish. A great finale of whistling tails to reports and crackling. Duration: 55 secs. 

Cobalt Bomb: Saving the best for last with an array of whistling tails to palms with flashing and whistles.

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