24 Cue Wireless Remote Firing System

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24 Cue Wireless Remote Firing System

Kit contains everything shown:

1 X Controller Unit With Waterproof Case.

6 X Modules With Carrying Case.

Batteries not included.


Controller Functions:

1. District button - In the middle of the transmitter. When you adjust it to “1”, it will control the first 12 channels of receivers. When you adjust it to “2”, it will run the second 12 channels. You could use the transmitter to control the other districts by the same manner. Expandable up to 100 districts

2. The fire all and sequential fire function buttons - If you want to fire some receivers together. Please adjust related table, then press button "Fire All”. All the receivers will fire at the same time;  And if you press button “Sequencer”, all the receivers in the district will fire sequentially by 0.4 seconds interval.

3. Remote range is 100 meters or 300 feet with antenna fully extended in direct line of site.

4. Waterproof case for protecting the machine from fire or water.

5. Powered by 6*AA batteries.


Module or Cue Functions:

1. With antenna, the receiving signal is more stable.

2. Firing capacity - Each district can hold up to 3 modules or 12 cues. The system has up to 100 expandable districts.

3. Test function - The LED will turns Green when the products are connected properly.

4. Replaceable & Programmable  -  A broken receiver can be replaced by the other receiver of the same series, there's no need to buy a new transmitter and you could use change the channels as you want.

5. Each channel could fire one talon (consumer) igniters and 5 e-matches in series.

7. Each module requires 4*AA batteries.

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