Wholesale Fireworks Jawbreaker 5" Super Canister Shells Case 24/4

Brand: Pyro Nation
Availability: In Stock (14 already sold)
Price: $259.99

24 different effects, 12 of the shells are Neon shells 

Silver glittering palm and red time rain

Palm and green crackling willow

Red light crackling palm

Red green blue waves

Brocade and white strobe

Gold sizzling willow and red

Red dahlia and green wave

Orange palm and white strobe

Pink and white strobe

Pink and time rain

Gold palm and blue

Red peony

Green peony

Purple peony

Sea blue peony

White strobe

Orange peony

Red and sky blue

Purple and lemon

Green and white red strobe

Purple and sky blue

Purple green and gold strobe

Red sky blue and lemon

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