Smokeless Birthday Cake Candle Sparklers (SILVER) 100PK W/FREE SHIPPING !!

Brand: China Generic
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Smokeless Birthday Cake Candle Sparklers (SILVER) 100Pk


Spice up your wedding cake or birthday cake with beautiful silver showers of sparks !

To ignite them, simply place an open flame onto the top of the sparkler; Once lit, they will emit a spectacular spray of sparks that shoot as high as 6-8 inches, and lasts for approximately 45 seconds!

These candle sparklers can be used almost anywhere !!

Sparkler has plastic spike base for use on cakes, ground ect.

Do not hold in hand.

Use only under adult supervision.

It is highly recommended to test one in a controled area before use.

Products may slightly vary from photo.

Be sure to follow all caution and warning labels.

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